Following the closure of UK cinemas last week, new releases have found their homes on digital platforms as ‘Premium VOD’ or ‘Home Premieres’.

Lots of the film community on Twitter have been hosting watch parties for some of their favourite films to keep spirits up and bring people together. Today, Universal are taking a leaf out of the community’s book and are hosting watch parties for their new release The Invisible Man and Emma.

Actress and comedian Retta (Parks and Recreation) will be hosting The Invisible Man watch party, which will kick off at 8PM tomorrow (Saturday 28th March) and the official hashtag to use if you’re watching along is #TheInvisibleManAtHome. If you’re not sure where you can rent the film from for the party, you can find the full list here.

Alicia Malone will be hosting the watch part for Emma., which will take place 6PM on Sunday 29th March, with the #EmmaAtHome being the official hashtag if you’re joining the party. You can find all the platforms available to rent the film here.