The Switch store continues to be a source of weird and wonderful indie experiences. Supplying gamers with a bevy of bitesize adventures, today we’re sharing a few games that are worth your curiosity and attention. 

Ski Sniper

Immediately off the bat it is easy to make comparisons to well known franchises adopting this distanced shooter formula, but Ski Sniper has its sights set on a more obscure target. Placing you within snowy alps and secluded vantage points, the aim is simple: upset every skier you see with a well timed bullet. Its macabre objective proves to elicit dark humour as the need to hone your skills becomes addictive. Once the learning curve of timing is handled, it’s off to the races to acquire the best gear for the job. 

Whilst it may be sparse on variety in regards to location, Ski Sniper offers up a juxtaposition of grim yet gleeful fun from its oddball premise. 

Rating 7.0/10

Super Tennis

Jumping into my first game of Super Tennis I was welcomed by a challenge that hadn’t presented itself since the Guitar Hero glory days. Instead of serving and barraging my opponent with a control + gameplay concoction expected of sports titles, I was instead met with rhythmic combos. With a charming 8-bit aesthetic sure to stir the hearts of retro enthusiasts, Super Tennis is a genuine delight. The refreshing change of pace, ENORMOUS roster of characters (both licensed and fictional alike; I mean it has Zorro!) and the engaging challenge of outplaying the computer with an execution of godlike combinations is more than enough to set this title apart from many indie titles in the Nintendo store. 

Veering away from the nature of the 1991 SNES title of the same name, publisher Ultimate Games have loaded their take on the genre with enough new serves to warrant your time.

Rating : 8.0/10

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 

Simulator fans looking for a new experience may find themselves partial to this title. Less Pimp My Ride and more Fifth Gear, players will be given the chance to work with efficiency through a series of compartmentalised repairs. The objective here is routed more in reliability than showing off your flair for flashy kit work. This simulator definitely lends itself more to smaller sessions of play due to its simplistic musings. 

Rating: 5/10