Some men want to rule the world.
Some women ask for the world.
Some believe the world is theirs for the taking.
But for one man…the world is not enough…

Following on from over four years of near silence after 2015s ‘SPECTRE’, the world is now going 00-bonkers again following a slew of exclusive images, character posters and a 14-second trailer teaser all for the 25th James Bond adventure.

The first official trailer for director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s ‘No Time To Die’ is out. Grab a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred of course) as JumpCut break it down to see just what may be in store for us all.

We start with classic 007 action! James Bond at the wheel of the Aston Martin DB5 evading the bad guys through the Italian streets of Matera…but with Medeleine Swann in the passenger seat trying to convince Bond that she wouldn’t betray him.

Cue Bond evidently at the end of his patience. “We all have our secrets. We just didn’t get to yours yet!”

It looks like this could be a rousing pre-title sequence maybe or a crucial crux in the Bond / Swann relationship.

“The world is arming faster than we can respond” says a weary M as it looks like danger lurks in the shadows. “Where’s 007?”

In Jamaica – but is M referring to OUR 007 or another agent with the number? Either way, Bond does not look at peace, even more so when CIA operative Felix Leiter comes calling. “I need a favour brother. You’re the only one I trust for this,” harkening back to their relationship forged in 2006s ‘Casino Royale’.

With a swish of tarpaulin, 007 reveals the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, last seen in use for 1987s ‘The Living Daylights’.

“The world’s moved on Commander Bond.”
“You a 00?”
“Two years. So stay in your lane. You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee. The one that works.”

Safe to say new MI6 operative Nomi and Bond are going to clash in the field, as she looks more than capable of handling herself and the mission, and she is even seen in an Aston Martin DB9. “I thought you two would get along,” smirks a beautiful Miss Moneypenny.

Back to Whitehall and the MI6 team. Bond arrives looking swish in his Vantage but seems to be an almost forgotten agent. “Name?” “Bond.” And the security guard on duty looks blank. “James Bond,” follows an exasperated sigh. Does just where and what has 007 been doing for over two years that people almost forgot who he is, and who is taking up 00 roles.

“So you’re not dead,” asks Q as Bond and Moneypenny get back to business.

“Hello, Q, I’ve missed you!”

But we soon see a spectre from the past. “He’s the most valuable asset this country has. If you feel yourself losing control…” stars Bill Tanner. Bond quickly cuts in with “I’m not going to lose…”

But Swann appears in the halls of MI6 opposite him, as he brandishes a few cuts on his face.


Just what has happened between these two? Is she really an agent of SPECTRE? And the asset in question? Ernst Stavro Blofeld in custody.

“James. You gave up everything for her.” And we see Bond and Swann enjoying romance and more across an Italian city. But we catch a glimpse of a broken white mask, and Swann looking more than scared and upset at the sight of it. “When her secret finds its way out, it’ll be the death of him.”

Him. Him who? Could this be our main villain, Safin? Already it plants seeds as to what web of villainy is at work that Blofeld has known about. Bond is seen chasing down a helicopter in what looks like the Scottish highlands, and he doesn’t look happy. He looks like he’s lost something close to his heart

In Whitehall, Bond confronts Swann as tenderly as he can. “What is it?” “You don’t know what this is” And he clearly doesn’t.

In the frozen plains of Norway, an armed man with a mask stalks through the snow.

“James Bond. Licence to kill. History of violence.”

We hear a man with a dark, thick drawling accent over shots of Bond in action. Brutally beating bad guys in Italy, thundering across a Scottish lake in a Toyota Land Cruiser and stalking in the shadows, firing a machine gun into the dark.

“I could be speaking to my own reflection.”

Bond is up against something – and someone – sinister.

“Only your skills die with your body.”

We see Bond and Paloma in a rather eerie black tie function where he is being singled out for some sinister reason. A mystery as to what allegiance Paloma will be. Hero or villain?

“Mine will survive long after I’m gone.”

This could be the first look at Safin, the man in the mask bearing facial wounds and seemingly having someone – Bond? – trapped under a lake of ice in Norway.

And now we see Bond and Safin together, opposite ends of a large stone chamber that looks like a temple. Armed thugs surround the room as an otherwise twinkling of lights and fire flicker around the seated men.

“History isn’t kind to men who play God.”

Cue the acton!

Bond causing an explosion! A Land Rover crashing out in Scotland during a chase! Bond with a spear-gun outside a sunny Jamaica beach home! Paloma at the formal reception shooting both a pistol and machine gun and taking care of her own! A sea-plane fleeing from an exploding yacht! A death-defying bike ride up a staircase and up over into an Italian plaza! A shot down a dark cavern, filled with water, men in red (what look to be radioactive suits) amongst illuminated poles – could this be Safin’s plot? Bond in his trademark tuxedo! Nomi shooting a gun! More explosions!

The finale?

The Aston Martin DB5 surrounded by 4x4s and gun-men in Italy blasting away, only for a nonchalant Bond to arm the headlight hidden Gatling guns, perform a tyre burning 360 and take them all down in seconds.

And a cheeky visual reference to the gun barrel ends the trailer with a bang as we see Bond in what looks like Safin’s tubular lair turning to camera for a gunshot.

So! What do we think? What you expected? Did you like it? Did it look average or back to form?

Just what part will Blofeld play? Who IS Safin? Does Swann betray Bond all along? So many questions…not much time to wait until we find out the answers.

‘No Time To Die’ is released worldwide from April 2020.