Back in June, I wrote an article about the first trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. In this article, I wrote about my thoughts on the trailer and Sonic’s initial design as well as what I thought needed to be changed regarding the…interesting look of the blue hedgehog.

On 12th October, Paramount Pictures released a new trailer for the film, featuring Sonic’s new makeover and my hat goes off to Paramount, the film’s animation department and director Jeff Fowler. This is definitely Sonic the Hedgehog!

This trailer is miles better than the first one that was released a few months ago, and it’s clear Paramount care about the film. The music tracks that are chosen for this are more appropriate (I still don’t understand why ‘Gangsta’s Pardise’ was picked!). The use of ‘Supersonic’ by J.J. Fad and ‘Hey Ho!’ by The Ramones fits the aesthetic of the source material. To me the games have always been a little cheesy, but fun. Therefore, I’m glad the hip hop track was replaced with the upbeat dance and rock tracks, which follow along with the franchise’s theme in music.

The sequences of shots fit together seamlessly, instead of being tonally uneven and it’s clear that this is targeted towards families; previously, it was unclear who this was for. Watching the new trailer makes me realize why it looked tonally uneven: the actual plot wasn’t explained. However, the visual structure of the new trailer is a lot clearer.

Another aspect, aka. the main aspect, that Paramount have changed and improved upon is Sonic’s character design. Originally, the movie Sonic looked like the monkey child from Jumanji. And now, after taking the fan’s feedback onboard, it now looks like the actual game character has been copy and pasted into the real world. They’ve taken a note from the recent live action ‘Detective Pikachu’ film and I’m glad they have done. The hedgehog’s design is so iconic that it would’ve been risky and a bad move to change his design even by the tiniest detail.

Overall, well done to Paramount’s animation department for reworking on the character to give fans the perfect movie Sonic. As well as this, well done and thank you to director Jeff Fowler for listening to the Sonic The Hedgehog fanbase’ feedback and acting on it. I have a new-found respect for the company because of this move, and they seem to have earned other people’s respect too. I’m now looking forward to the film even more so than I originally was.

‘Sonic The Hedgehog Movie’ is in cinemas on 14th February 2020.