Dick Grayson has escaped prison and left a message for Kori and Rachel who went off to rescue him, only to find that he was able to escape on his own. Meanwhile, we find out that Hank has been participating in underground fights and reigns as champion of the establishment, but he hides his own secret as it seems he’s spiralled back into using drugs again. Donna and Dawn find out more about C.A.D.M.U.S’ plans for Gar and Rose tells Jason the truth.

Gar has been held captive and used as a tool for terrible deeds as C.A.D.M.U.S test their control over him, after they messed around in his head in the last episode. Mercy Graves shows no remorse for any of the victims and proves that she is truly heartless with only her own agenda on her mind. Still no sign of Conner or Krypto but you can be sure that something has happened to at least Conner in a similar way that has happened to Gar which could prove very troublesome for the Titans in the near future.

Rose and Jason only just got their relationship in check, but that relationship is soon torn, as Rose tells Jason about how she really ended up with the Titans, and how she lost her eye. We get to see her past unfold from discovering her abilities to finding her father, and then her training with Slade, in which we finally see her ‘Ravager’ outfit which fans have also been wanting to see. Rose begs Jason to stay and tells him that their relationship was real and that she quit working for her father, but Jason can’t stand it and walks out on her. 

Rose later receives a call from Slade, and it seems that their plan is going ahead, but we’ll soon have to see what happens when the time comes. 

After his realisation last week, Dick Grayson returns to the Wilson house and talks to Jericho’s mother who reveals she also realised some time ago that Jericho was alive, hiding inside the mind of his father, Slade Wilson. Trying his best to escape however, Jericho seems trapped and Slade has a good control over his mind thanks to his enhancements given to him in the military. 

Kori and Rachel fall out and make up, as stresses run high whilst on their mission to find Dick, especially when news reaches them that Gar is in deep trouble and DonnA & Dawn might need their help in rescuing him, Conner and Krypto from C.A.D.M.U.S. Kori seems to be highly stressed about her sister still, despite doing nothing about the current situation on Tamaran, whilst Rachel is at odds with her powers, wishing she could control them better and get a clearer idea of where Dick is. After a heated argument they both decided to stop looking for Dick, who can take care of himself clearly, and start heading to San Francisco to help Donna and Dawn get their other team members back who are less in control of themselves.

Hank soon discovers that his suit has gone missing and that someone is wearing it and posting pictures and videos etc. on social media pretending to be Hawk. After discovering that Hank actually sold the suit to a 16 year old, he decides that it’s time to get his act together and hopefully kick the drugs.

Dick Grayson finds himself in a shoe shop with an old ally, who seems pissed off at Dick for burning the Robin suit back in season one. The pair then head into a secret room in the back where we discover that this shoe shop hides a very awesome secret profession for making suits, such as Robins suit and supposedly Batmans, but more importantly, Dick finds out that Bruce Wayne already gave the team a heads up and so Graysons new suit is ready and waiting. Though we do not get to see it properly in this episode, we all know what suit it is as it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. 

Overall, another brilliant episode with great action, plenty of drama, and of course plenty of suspense and plot twists that keep you begging for more. The next episode is the final one of the season, and is sure to be epic, with Grayson suiting up finally as Nightwing, and the team reunited for what is hopefully an epic battle with C.A.D.M.U.S and Deathstroke.

Directed by: Larnell Stovall
Written by: Tom Pabst
Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Alan Ritchson, Minka Kelly, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Conor Leslie, Joshua Orpin, Evan Jones, Orel De La Mota, Julian Works