Dick Grayson remains behind bars, and an old friend inside his head in the form of Bruce Wayne, pays him a visit again to torment him this time it seems. Dawn is currently on her way to find a new life after breaking up with Hank. Donna returns to the tower to find Gar and Conner missing, and Kori tries to drown her sorrows in drink. 

At C.A.D.M.U.S Labs, the ‘scientists’ are conducting a gruesome experiment on Gar’s brain, to find out secrets such as names from his memories etc, all whilst he’s alive. This proves troublesome for Gar as we see later on because there’s more to Mercy Graves’ plan than simply learning names, as we see in a very gruesome scene later on at the end of the episode. There’s no sign of Conner or Krypto in this episode, or Hank for that matter, so that’s three of the team members out of the episode, who hopefully return for the final remaining two left in the season. 

Kori, Rachel, Donna and Dawn are all drawn towards a small diner in the middle of nowhere, and whilst Donna and Dawn appear to have been contacted by Rachel, she later tells them that she hasn’t spoken to either of them in any way, but we soon discover who might have been behind the calls as none other than Bruce Wayne himself appears, to talk to the ladies about their choices as a team, and how the only people that can protect the members of the Titans, are the Titans themselves, giving the four ladies something to think about. 

Meanwhile, back in prison, Dick learns a shocking truth hidden within his memories brought forth by his mental companion Bruce Wayne, and the evolution of Nightwing truly begins to unfold, as Dick trains in his small cell with an awesome scene involving a fight between Grayson versus Wayne, as Ian Glen shows us some of his awesome skills as Bruce, which gives us an idea of how he trained Dick and perhaps Jason. His moves are swift, violent, and threatening, proving that he is also tactical, but whilst the fight is merely a depiction of Grayson own mind, it is truly an awesome scene to watch. 

Jason Todd and Rose Wilson reappear in this episode, giving us their side of the story as to where they ran off to, and how their relationship is evolving. Both Rose and Jason are outcasts among the other members, so when it comes to their relationship, it was never going to be easy as they both excel in pushing people away. Jason opens up to Rose about his former life before Wayne Manor, and their relationship strengthens, but Rose is hiding something, and it’s something she regrets, so she cuts off ties with someone over the phone, and decides that she wants to be with Jason. 

Overall this season remains as strong as ever, and with only two more episodes left, it’s going to be a hell of a ride for the audience. Grayson is becoming Nightwing, Rachel is gaining control of her powers, and C.A.D.M.U.S have corrupted at least one of the Titans they captured, so the next episodes will be a rough ride, but it will all be worth it I’m sure.

Directed by: Millicent Shelton
Written by: Bianca Sams
Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Iain Glen, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Conor Leslie, Joshua Orpin, Evan Jones, Orel De La Mota, Julian Works