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What would you do for a ticket to a better life?

Following the film taking home the award for ‘Best Feature Film’ at Sci-Fi London 2019, we’re excited to exclusively share the trailer for Aleem Hossain’s gritty sci-fi drama, After We Leave.

After We Leave is set in a near-future Los Angeles when times are bleak with permanent recession, extreme water rationing, and rising crime. Six years ago, Jack Chaney (Brian Silverman) abandoned his wife and vanished. Now he’s back and nobody in Los Angeles is happy to see him. Before he left, Jack and his wife had applied for a visa to immigrate to a better life on an off-world colony. The visa has finally come through but Jack cannot leave Earth without her. It’s a couples visa and only married couples can go in order to populate the new colonies. As the deadline for the visa looms, Jack struggles to figure out what happened to his wife. And in doing so, he must confront the person he used to be and figure out whether he’s really changed.

Is Jack back because he wants to make things right or because he needs his wife to use this ticket to a better life?

In a statement, the film’s writer and director Aleem Hossain says “After We Leave was inspired by the independent dramatic filmmaking of Debra Granik, Andrea Arnold, and Kelly Reichardt. I wanted to make a raw character drama set in the future. I was experimenting with bringing the techniques and tone of improvised, human-focused, indie drama to the genre of science-fiction. In other words, I wanted to see if I could make a gritty indie sci-fi film. I wanted to make a spare and realistic exploration of what it means to come home and deal with the sins of one’s past. Yes, the film is set in the future (and features special effects and sci-fi storylines) but at its core it is about a flawed man trying to make up for the mistakes he’s made. After We Leave emerged from my multi-ethnic immigrant background. Like me, the film is a fusion. It’s an attempt to combine an improvised indie-drama with science-fiction.”

Cinematographer and producer Julie Kirkwood said “Working on this film is one of the highlights of my career. Aleem had a remarkably vivid vision for the world he wanted to create, the story he wanted to tell, the visuals he had in his head, and a new way of working that allowed for improvisation and beautiful images. I can’t wait to do it all again on the next film.”

The film makes its North American Premiere at Other Worlds Austin from December 5th .

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Directed by: Aleem Hossain
Written by: Aleem Hossain
Cast: Brian Silverman, Clay Wilcox, Anslem Richardson, Anita Leeman Torres, James Black, Cesar De Leon