Dick Grayson is spending time behind bars, after his little stunt last episode which saw him attack two police officers in order to purposefully get locked up. He serves his time at Kane County Correctional Facility, with a sentence of 7 years with no probation. All this is revealed in the opening sequence of the episode, but can the show really let Dick be locked up for seven years with everything that’s going on. 

Subject 13, a.k.a Conner, has attracted the attention of the media and therefore the attention of the secret organization that created him, which could become a problem for Conner and any of the Titans that are around to help him, such as Gar. However, it’s not just Conner that is on the run, as we can’t forget his faithful companion Krypto, a superdog in every sense of the word. Later in the episode, the organization managed to capture both Conner and Gar as well as Krypto, and seem to be holding Gar captive in a suit that prevents his transformations, and Mercy Graves continues to be as devious as ever as she talks to Gar about the man who gave him his shape-shifting abilities. 

Rachel has left Donna’s side and gone off on her own, which leads her to a food bank for the lost and homeless, where she winds up making a new friend. However, when her friend appears to be in trouble, Rachel exposes her power but what she doesn’t realise is that her power still isn’t fully under her control. The audience sees Rachel’s power possess a gargoyle, which finishes the job for the poor victim of Rachel’s anger, who she wanted tried to keep alive for the sake of being a hero, not a murderer. Donna later discovers the body of the victim and continues her attempts to contact Dick just like Gar does, but neither of them could have any idea where Dick is. 

In prison, Dick becomes an unusual ally to some of the inmates who plan to escape the facility in order to avoid being deported back to their home country where they would be executed. Whilst he tries his best to stay out of trouble, he realises that he can’t allow himself to stand by while innocent men are in trouble, so he eventually helps them, and we get a glimpse of his alter ego shining through as we are all still waiting for Dick Grayson to become Nightwing. 

Overall this episode had a lot of character/story hopping which made it an interesting episode, even without any mention or scenes with the rest of the Titans. There was some great action, but compared to everything else that has happened in previous episodes, this episode felt a little slower than usual. There didn’t seem to be any connections to an overall plot which seems to have been lost after the last episode, and so the show now feels like season one again, as if we’re only just getting to know these characters, but Mercy Graves seems to be plotting something that will bring them all together again.

Directed by: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Written by: Jamie Gorenberg
Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Conor Leslie, Joshua Orpin, Evan Jones, Orel De La Mota, Julian Works