Dick Grayson’s past has come back to haunt him, and the truth is now out in the open for all to hear, both new Titans and old. His actions in the past, the fact that he lied to his team, has caused the entire team to disband, and now each member has gone their separate ways, leaving Gar to look after Conner in the Titans Tower.

Hank and Dawn head back to their country house and try to enjoy themselves, only to have their time ruined by the arrival of the sister of Ellis, the young man who was killed by Dr Light in order to get to Hank and Dawn. Ellis’s sisters words have truly messed with Hanks mind as he begins to question whether his and Dawn’s relationship, as well as their attempt to become heroes has ever done anything for good, or whether it’s nothing more than a cycle of pain that allows them to deal with their own losses. 

Kori sets off to tie up some loose ends with Faddei but soon discovers that he is not himself. We finally get a look at Kori’s sister, who is supposedly attempting to become Queen of Tamaran, since Kori refuses to return home and take her place as Queen instead. However, since her encounter with her sister, she now seems determined and so we may get to see Tamaran on the show, or it will simply be a case of Kori disappearing for a while before coming back. Either way, it would be cool to see Kori and Blackfire fight head to head. Blackfire appears as a hologram in this episode and is portrayed by Damaris Lewis. 

Conner finally wakes up in the Titans Tower, and Gar tries his best to teach him how to be a hero, however, Conner’s short lived past seems to have confused his child like mind, as instead of attacking criminals, he attacks the police who try to shoot him, which triggers some form of PTSD within him, from his previous encounter with the armed forces working for LexCorp that tried to capture him. This leads to disaster and Gar soon realises he’s not up to the task of leading the Titans or being in any sort of leadership/teaching role, and desperately seeks help from Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson, neither of whom answer his calls.

Dick Grayson visits the home of the Wilson family to apologize to Jericho’s mother after so many years, but when she tells him to enter the living room of the house, Dick comes face to face with Slade, who tells him that their feud is over, unless Dick tries to regroup the Titans, in which case Slade promises to kill them one by one. Dick then tries to leave the country but instead comes up with a better idea. He attacks two airport security guards and gets himself arrested, possibly believing that serving this jail time might help him atone for his sin, since the episode is called atonement. 

Overall this episode has a lot going on, and a lot of drama, but there are some fun moments such as Gar and Conner playing video games, and Hank & Dawn singing karaoke in a country bar, but the majority of the episode is a serious look at their troubles and their past. It’s somewhat on and off with the Titans this season, one minute they’re together and the next they’re not, so it feels a little worn out at this point. I want to see them stick together for once and just deal with their issues instead of always running away, they feel less like titans and more just teens. 

Directed by: Boris Mojsovski
Written by: Jeffrey David Thomas
Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Curran Walters, Conor Leslie, Chelsea Zhang