We bring our month of spooky coverage to a close today with Siobhan’s ranking of the Friday the 13th films – a franchise that has literally been to hell and back.

Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

I genuinely hate this one. It has no redeeming features in my eyes, it is boring, everyone is annoying. I guess they did something different with Jason not being in it again, but it is just bland.


  1. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The first time Jason appears to be a supernatural entity and this is probably one of the only things that this film has going for it, I find this one of the most boring films in the series, I genuinely can’t think of anything notable that happens in this movie after Jason is resurrected.


  1. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Takes Manhattan is honestly just the silliest of the films in my opinion. It is an interesting concept, Jason trapped on a cruise ship with a bunch of annoying teenagers, but this film lost me when they eventually got to Manhattan and the ‘toxic waste’ situation happens. This film definitely suffers from desperately trying to do something different and it just doesn’t work in my eyes.

  1. Jason X

I am ranking this higher than I honestly think it should go, mainly because it watches like a TV movie, however, it is in space so that bumps it up in my eyes. There are many aspects of this movie that I really like, the cryo chamber is genuinely cool (pun not intended), the entire scene where Jason is defrosting and you are just waiting for all hell to break loose.


  1. Friday the 13th (2009)

I really enjoyed this remake and maybe in part due to Jared Padalecki…but I really enjoyed how it was more of a remake of the first and the second film, focusing more on Jason’s reaction to his mother being beheaded. It also takes Jason’s character in a new direction as he takes a girl hostage rather than killing everyone in sight.


  1. Freddy vs Jason

This film is a whole lot of fun. I mean, it isn’t a great movie, to say the least, but it has its moments. The entire final showdown between Freddy and Jason, two of the greatest horror villains of all time is truly something to behold and I had a lot of fun placing bets on who was going to win.

  1. Friday the 13th Part III

This is the movie where Jason finally appears in his iconic hockey mask and is perhaps why it ranks higher than others. I also love the story of the ‘final girl’ in this film who was attacked by Jason two years prior to the events in this movie, and only recognises him when he lifts his mask up. Also, the entire sequence in the barn is a lot of fun.


  1. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Now I genuinely really liked this one and I think, perhaps it was due to my expectations being so low. But I really enjoyed the back story behind this and the main protagonist of the film had a lot more substance than others, most notably because she has telekinetic powers. I also loved the Jason face reveal of this movie, it goes full fantasy and I dig it.


  1. Friday the 13th Part IX: Jason Goes To Hell

Jason Goes to Hell is completely mad and I love it. Like Part 7, I love how this just goes full fantasy and Jason’s supernatural status is elevated to new realms, of possession and hypnotism. But we also get to see Jason’s true ‘essence’ that weird worm thingy that I am assuming is his soul. The true crowning moment of this movie, however, is when Jason descends into hell and a familiar clawed glove emerges from the ground and grabs Jason’s mask…

  1. Friday the 13th The Final Chapter

The fourth film in the franchise introduces Tommy Jarvis (who will appear in two subsequent movies) played by Corey Feldman, who for me is the best part about this movie and why it ranks so high. The entire end scene where Tommy shaves his head pretends to be Jason as a child to trick the adult Jason is just *chefs kiss*.


  1. Friday the 13th Part II

The true origin story of Jason. What I love most about this is that we are two films in and Jason still doesn’t have his iconic hockey mask yet, just a mere sack over his head. I think what I love most about this instalment is the lovely shrine Jason has to his mother in his shack in the woods…*shudder*


  1. Friday the 13th (1980)

You can’t beat the original, and for the original is the best. Yes, there is no Jason, but I think this is part of why I love the film so much. The villain is so much more complicated, and well, human than in it’s many, many sequels. It has some of the best deaths, in my opinion, most notably Kevin Bacon’s demise. You just can’t beat it.

We’d love to hear how you rank the franchise. Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below! 

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