Wild Amsterdam is a nature documentary where adventurous urban cat Abatutu (voiced by Martijn Fischer) takes you on a tour of his city and narrates the sights and sounds of his home.

Wild Amsterdam is a nature documentary unlike any I’ve seen before. It gives you both the birds eye view and the ground-level view of a bustling city where the people barely notice the creatures – big and small – that share their home. Also, from having a view of the city from a cat’s eye-level, you really do see how much rubbish humans leave behind and how birds like coots, gulls and ducks often use it to build their nests.

Wild Amsterdam is an eye-opening experience as you’re presented with far more animals than you thought could live in a busy city. From rats to bats to crayfish to parakeets – all of these animals (and more!) have made their home in this city and have found a way to live with one another and the humans in the city.

While Wild Amsterdam naturally focuses on its animal inhabitants, you do get to see small snapshots of what people get up to in Amsterdam. There’s King’s Day, the city’s Gay Pride, and the charity canal swim – and it’s fun to see Abatutu in amongst all the festivities. Thanks to Martijn Fischer’s vocal performance, you can easily believe that Abatutu is really telling you about the different birds and other animals in the city. His vocal performance has so much warmth, humour and compassion to it that paired with Abatutu’s movements it seems like the perfect fit.

Wild Amsterdam is funny and sweet, but it doesn’t shy away from the realities of the animal kingdom as some young animals get eaten by bigger creatures – Abatutu does shout out warnings but unfortunately, none of the other animals pay him much attention – and people can unintentionally cause problems for their animal neighbours.

More nature documentaries should be narrated by an animal that’s featured in them!

Rating: ★★★★

Directed by: Mark Verkerk