‘Joker’ holds all the cards with $56m in 2nd weekend that sees ‘Addams Family’ flourish, but ‘Gemini Man’ flop

In the weekend where 3 new releases looked to disrupt the top 10, it was the reigning champ ‘Joker’ that truly stole the show, getting the last laugh with a stunning $56m gross. It’s a performance that pushes the film further into the spotlight, with many feeling that it’ll have enough juice left to in and around the conversation for The Oscars. No such luck for ‘The Addams Family’, ‘Gemini Man’, and ‘Jexi’ however, although the former’s brilliant $30.3m opening was enough for a 2nd place finish. For the remaining 2, it was a weekend to forget.

How did the new releases get on?

UAR’s ‘The Addams Family’, based on the popular American comic strip of yesteryear, impressed all with its $30m opening – the 6th largest for an animated film so far in 2019. The performance comes off the back of a streamlined $40m budget, dire critical reviews (a lowly 33% on RT), and from a distributor who, before this, had a biggest opening of just $14.1m (Child’s Play). Just how did ‘The Addams Family’ become United Artists’ biggest opener?

The property is a popular one in America, especially after the success of the 1991 live-adaptation of the same name (which saw a $24.2m opening). The goodwill carried over, even after the 1993 flop ‘Addams Family Values’, meaning this weekend’s film was always going to appeal to a select crowd. The $30m start was also aided by a relatively free weekend for competition, with ‘Abominable’s 3rd weekend standing as the biggest audience-grabber, and ‘Joker’ appealing to an entirely different demographic.

Although critics couldn’t stand it, its B+ on Cinemascore shows an audience who, for the most part, quite enjoyed the film. All this enabled the film to successfully kick off the Halloween season stateside, with an international roll-out upon the rest of the world in coming days.

Not quite the same good news for Paramount’s ‘Gemini Man’, whose $20.6m opening continues what’s been quite a drab year for the once-renowned studio. The film, disliked by critics and audiences alike, carries a hefty $140m budget, and couldn’t escape ‘Joker’s shadow this weekend, failing to catch the attention of the young, male demo that the DC Comics adaptation has attracted.

Its $31m from 58 overseas markets wasn’t anything to write home about either, meaning more eyes will be on its Chinese release on October 18th. Finally, Lionsgate comedy ‘Jexi’ tanked from 2,332 cinemas, earning a lowly $3.1m to finish in 9th, and to mark the studio’s lowest opening for a wide release since last summer’s ‘Kin’ ($3m).

How did the others do?

This weekend was, once again, all about ‘Joker’. The iconic villain continued to defy belief, earning an unprecedented $55.9m in only its 2nd weekend – the largest sophomore outing in October (smashing ‘Gravity’s $43.1m). It marks a ‘Wonder Woman’/’Black Panther’-esque drop of 42% that’s practically unheard of for superhero films of the past 10 years, which resulted in ‘Joker’ having the 3rd largest 2nd weekend of any R-rated film in history (after ‘It’ and ‘Deadpool’).

It’s an incredible achievement that goes to show the power of word of mouth, and delivering on fan expectation. Never an easy job to create a definitive origin story for one of the most iconic comic book villains, however Warner Bros were able to create the critically-acclaimed dark, gritty adaptation that all appealed to all fans in a way that ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman v Superman’ couldn’t.

It’s doing just as well internationally, as it brought in $124m this weekend from 79 countries, including $10.3m from France, and $9m from Germany. This brings its total overseas gross to a whopping $355m, for a worldwide total of $548.3m – the largest WB movie of the year. Eyes are now firmly on topping ‘Deadpool’s $783.1m to become the highest-grossing R-rated film globally, and maybe, just maybe, touching the $1bn mark.

Other notables from the weekend

  • Joker’s $548m makes it Joaquin Phoenix’s highest-grossing movie, overtaking 2000’s ‘Gladiator’ ($460.6m).
  • It also becomes Robert De Niro’s biggest film, surpassing ‘Meet the Fockers’ from 2004 ($516.6m).
  • The Addams Family’ became only the 5th independent film to open in over 4,000 cinemas (4,007), and currently sits in 4th spot behind the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th entries of the ‘Twilight’ franchise.
  • Although destined to flop at the Box Office, ‘Gemini Man’ is the highest grossing movie ever shot at 120 fps, both domestically and internationally. The previous holder was another Ang Lee film, 2016’s ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ ($1.7m domestic, $30.9m worldwide).
  • Since the year 2000, Paramount have only grossed less domestically than their current $429m total by October 13th twice: in 2017 ($408.1m), and 2004 ($410.9m).
  • Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ earned $384.2k from just 3 cinemas this weekend for a per-cinema average of $128.1k – the 17th largest opening PCA in U.S. history.
  • It’s also the largest opening PCA for any foreign language film.


Rank Last Week Rank Film STUDIO Total U.S. Gross Weekend Gross Weekend drop JUMPCUT’s prediction Week number
1 1 Joker Warner Bros $193.6m $55.9m -41.9% $43m 2
2 New! The Addams Family UAR $30.3m $30.3m $32m 1
3 New! Gemini Man Paramount $20.6m $20.6m $21m 1
4 2 Abominable Universal $47.9m $6.1m -49.1% $7.2m 3
5 3 Downton Abbey Focus Features $82.7m $4.9m -38.9% $4.9m 4
6 4 Hustlers STX Entertainment $98.1m $3.9m -39.2% $3.8m 5
7 6 Judy LD Entertainment $14.9m $3.2m -30.0% $3.1m 3
8 5 It Chapter Two Warner Bros $207m $3.1m -41.0% $2.9m 6
9 New! Jexi Lionsgate $3.1m $3.1m $4.3m 1
10 7 Ad Astra Fox-Disney $47m $1.9m -55.2% $2.4m 4


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