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REVIEW: Titans – Season 2: Episode 3 – Ghosts

After the events of last episode brought the Titans together again, we now get to see the result of that, as Hank, Dawn and Donna return to Titans Tower to regroup with Dick and the new Titans, which consists of Jason Todd, Rachel and Gar, along with the newest member who was the focus of the previous episode, Rose Wilson. 

The truth about Rose’s father is now revealed to Dick and the rest of the Titans both old and new, and none of them take it very well, as tensions begin to rise at the sound of the name Slade Wilson, or more so his villainous alter ego ‘Deathstroke’, who has still not been seen in his costume in the present day, although his costume was revealed in flashbacks and at the end of episode one. Her presence in the tower starts to tear away the comfort of the original team as Donna explains that Deathstroke was the reason the team disbanded and the tower was shut down in the first place, meanwhile Dawn backs up Donna by telling Dick that having the daughter of their nemesis in the tower can only mean danger for the rest of the team.

This episode is titled ‘Ghosts’, and for good reason. The discovery that Deathstroke is still alive haunts the original team of Titans, especially Donna, who reminds Dick of their past battle with him, which as an audience we have not seen in the show. But, through the incredible writing and performances of the cast, we can really feel how much of an impact this villain had on the team as Donna explains to Dick that they barely survived their last encounter with him, which will make any future encounters, all the more intense. 



Hank and Dawn discuss their previous issues, such as Hanks addiction and Dawn’s secret of continuing to go out at Dove without Hank to help her. Koriand’r is struggling with the idea of leaving Earth to return to Tamaran, as her royalty is finally addressed to the audience through conversations with Faddei, a Tamaranian Royal Guard, portrayed by Robbie Jones (One Tree Hill, Hellcats) who is charming with a great onscreen presence alongside Anna Diop. To top this side story off, Koriand’r is told that it was in fact her sister Blackfire (also known as Komand’r) that sent Faddei to retrieve Koriand’r from Earth. Hopefully we will one day see the two sisters meet and have even more tensions build up between the Titans as they try to help Starfire (which is a name that still hasn’t been used yet, as the other characters all call her ‘Kori’) defeat her sister. 

Rose reveals that she’s dealing with her own ghosts, after telling Dick that the reason she’s in town, is to get revenge on her father for killing her brother Jericho, whose name was revealed by Gar at the beginning of the episode whilst he read out Slade’s file regarding his past and his supposed retirement. Rose seems determined in her mission, but for now she seems to be adapting to the time she has resting in the tower with the other Titans, by becoming acquainted with Rachel after bonding over their lack of stand up father’s in their life. 

The younger members of the team continue to train and hone their skills, but it seems that Rachel (Teagan Croft) has discovered this new version of herself comes with it’s own demons, and she must now learn to control whatever it is that tries to emerge from within her whenever she loses control, which begins to create some drama between herself and Jason Todd after a training mishap. Meanwhile, Jason Todd (Curran Walters) himself is eager to go out on a mission and prove himself to Dick Grayson, but when he gets benched, he does’nt take it well. 



The main villain of the episode is Dr. Light once again as we finally get to see the original Titans team (Hank, Dawn, Donna and Dick) go head to head. Without their costumes, however, Arthur Light who proves to be more of a problem for them than they thought, which causes tension between the Titans. So with all the drama in the Titans Tower, tensions are high which makes this episode hard hitting, as we not only seeing the Titans arguing with one another, but towards the end it becomes all about the apologies, except for Jason.

Overall this episode has some incredible scenes with really high tensions, and heartwarming apologies. The visual effects seem to be improving, whilst the acting and on-screen presence of all the cast remain as strong as ever. Every episode of this show that gets released seems to improve upon the last, but I do feel some of them could use a little more action. That being said, I’m sure it will pick up in later episodes as the new Titans train harder, and the original Titans gain the courage to face Deathstroke once again, as well as any other side villains that might make an appearance.


My Rating: ★★★★★



Directed by: Kevin Tancharoen
Written by: Tom Pabst
Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Chelsea Zhang, Curran Walters, Conor Leslie, Iain Glen, Alan Ritchson, Minka Kelly, Seamus Dever, Hanneke Talbot, Michael Mosley



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