Multi-­award-­winning producer Chase Michael Pallante, studio executive of RNF, an American independent Award-­winning entertainment production company, announced their Oscar-­ qualifying short drama film Maturing Youth is premiering on network television and streaming worldwide for selected show times.

Pallante landed a limited television distribution deal to have the film aired on Verizon, Spectrum, Optimum, and free worldwide streaming through BRIC TV at various show times throughout selected days.

“This film has taken a journey that I am both proud and grateful for. The achievements we have been nominated and won for is profound and the entire team, both from the film and my production company, is beyond appreciative. I am perpetually striving for additional success for the project and now airing on network television is expanding the exposure for the film,” said Pallante. “Being a producer is being consistent for years on every project. Keep your eyes on the prize, one way or another prosperity is bound to come to fruition.

L-R Alex Ellsworth, Chase Michael Pallante, Divoni Simon, Sean A. Kaufman, and Michael Paladine at the Los Angeles premiere at Laemmle Theaters in Hollywood on June 12, 2019 Courtesy of NIE


The Multi-­‐award-­‐winning short family drama by Award-­‐winning director and writer Divoni Simon is about a man who discovers he has a son when his past lover comes back to drop him off.

However, when his son gets sick life steers him in directions he may or may not agree with. Starring Best Actor winner Sean A. Kaufman, Best Actress winners Kim Paris and Darleen Rae Fontaine, this dramedy questions the responsibilities of our actions, the sorrow in our happiness, the joy in our pain, and the ultimate test of character by learning the painful truths of becomes what we truly are deep down inside.

Maturing Youth is airing on Verizon on Channel 47, Spectrum Channel 1993, and Optimum Channel 951 on Tuesday, September 17, Thursday, September 19 and Saturday September 21 at 4:30am EST, 8:00am EST, and 10:30pm EST. Free worldwide streaming link will be available on the films official website at and will be available to streaming during the show times and dates listed above.


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Featured image: L-R Albee Castro, Kim Paris, Rae’l Ba, Joshua Saint Leger, Michael Paladine, Darleen Rae Fontaine, Sean A. Kaufman, and Terrence Keene at the world premiere in New York City on October 21, 2018 Courtesy of RNF

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