Gary Oldman has done some dross in the past, but at least with Killers Anonymous he gets a few glasses of red out of it. Sat on a rooftop away from the main story and phoning it in, his sponsor-like figure observes as a group of killers attend a meeting where they share with the circle how they got a thirst for taking lives and what they do to keep their murderous urge at bay. Some make it quite clear as to why they’re there, whereas others bring an air of mystery that the rest of the group are keen to uncover. Good for them, as any level of intrigue and plot twists evaporates with every passing minute in what is a painfully dull film.

As a concept it’s one that begs to be explored but the script and dialogue between the cast makes the whole thing feel hollow. A group of strangers gathered together in one night can be tweaked but here it’s completely unappealing. Besides Tommy Flanagan as the standard badass and Tim McInnerny as the psycho with a medical PHD, there’s barely a threatening streak among them. There’s no tension between the group so that when things finally do blow up, it’s lacking any level of excitement it’s struggling to get a hold of. It doesn’t help that action sequences are so poorly put together you find yourself leaning forward to in your seat to see if anything of value is actually happening.

Ultimately, Killer’s Anonymous is an easy target for a great idea that misses things by a mile.


My Rating:


Directed by: Martin Owen
Written by: Seth Johnson, Elizabeth Morris, Martin Owen,
Cast: Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, Tommy Flanagan, Rhyon Nicole Brown