“Be Greater.”


Time really does fly when you’re spinning webs. With great games, we have had great times and that’s exactly what millions of people have experienced since the release of Insomniac Games superhero opus: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Whether you’ve been saving rogue pigeons or salvaging abandoned backpacks, it’s been one whole year since we shot our first next generation spidey web. The journey to “Spidey PS4” has noteworthy for the vast selection of content that has swung its way into retail outlets. With Beenox’s Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions paving the way to mixed results on The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, the playing field has seen a fair few changes since Spider-Man 2 stole all our hearts on the Playstation 2. Insomniac Games, perhaps best known for their Ratchet and Clank series, made considerable waves when it was announced that Spider-Man would be their next area of focus. It also helped that Marvel were openly supportive of this development, than previous attempts of capturing the wallcrawler in gaming form. Setting the stakes for enormous hype with a barnstorming E3 reveal, in hindsight it’d be foolish to doubt that Insomniac couldn’t deliver the goods. 

At the time of writing this, “Spidey PS4” dropped seven days ago last year to exceedingly positive praise across the board, going onto be one of the highest selling PS4 releases of all time and the fastest selling comic book game in the United States. Not bad for Peter Parker’s next generation debut. 

To celebrate the brilliance of this game, throughout the rest of September we will be posting a spectacular selection of Spidey themed content. A #SpideySeptember if you will. 

Keeping the theme of celebration in mind, we would love to see your favourite photo mode captures and for you to share your cherishes memories Peter, be it with the game / films or comics. Be sure to use the hashtag #SpideySeptember when you do!

And…we will also be doing a giveaway on our Twitter for the chance to win the Spider-Man: Five Film box-set and a Far From Home Funko POP!

Details of this giveaway will be announced soon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our twitter.