RNF, an Award-­winning independent entertainment production company, signed a licensing deal with Evil Empire to market the film on the brand new web-­based television subscription service HODTV.

RNF presents ARiSEN, a 2015 feature length horror film about a past vengeful spirit that was summoned during a spiritual ritual. After being dead and buried for years, Judas Gains, now a walking corpse from beyond the grave immediately returns to cause havoc on grieving teenagers from a fellow friends death anniversary.

The film is now available on the brand new worldwide web-­‐based television service HODTV. The subscription service launches today and is groundbreaking for the indie horror world.


Arisen Cast and Crew at the world premiere at the Trocadero Theatre in 2015 | Courtesy of ARiSEN Facebook page


Production Company’s Junito’s Studios and 831 Films produced the film. Evil Empire recently acquired the rights for additional distribution through RNF.

ARiSEN is currently available on VHX for rent or purchase. For more information visit the films official website at www.ArisenTheMovie.com and follow the film on social media at Facebook and Instagram.


[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Cw3D5LoDA&feature=youtu.be” width=800 height=500 ]


Courtesy of RNF


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