Here at JumpCut we are always striving to support small artists and their work. We regularly share artist’s work (with credit) on our social platforms and are always being tagged in content for us to share. One platform many artists use is RedBubble – which allows anyone to share their art and have it printed on a number of different items, such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, and lots more – for anyone in the world to buy.

So we’re pleased to share that we are an official RedBubble affiliate! We’re going to continue to regularly promote artists and their work, and if they sell their art on RedBubble we’ll be sure sharing their store links too We’ll likely also include some of our favourite film, tv, and video game finds in some relevant posts here on our website – and they’ll look something like the link below! Not only will you be supporting small artists when you purchase anything we share, but you’ll also be supporting our writers as we will receive a small commission for any sales made through links we share.

'Captain Amerikilled' Sticker by monsieurgordon
‘Captain Amerikilled’ Sticker by monsieurgordon

Along with the news of our affiliation, we’re also delighted to announce that we will begin selling some of our own designs on RedBubble too – so keep your eyes peeled for some fresh new designs hitting our brand new store soon! Here’s a first look:


'Pop In The Water' Spiral Notebook by JUMPCUTONLINE
‘Pop In The Water’ Spiral Notebook by JUMPCUTONLINE

You can find our current uploads right here and we intend to have some fresh new designs up and available soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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