I’m just going to hand you all the news straight away: Crash Bandicoot: Nitro-Fuelled is getting microtransactions. The development company behind the racing remaster, Activision, made the announcement on the 7th August and will be implementing it into the game’s shop.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with microtransactions, it is a tactic in some games where  players can get unlockables by paying for them. This means that players aren’t just paying for the main game; they are also paying extra for any exclusives within the game if they so wish.

I consider myself an ‘old-school’ gamer; I grew up with the PlayStation 1, where players earned rewards (or save points) by playing the game and progressing through it. And, while these games did have cheat codes to skip levels or gain extra items, players still had to find (find; not buy) these codes. Nowadays, that can be taken away simply by buying the specific item or ability needed. This completely takes away the idea of players improving their skills, as they can just buy the reward instead of playing to earn it. If everything is accessible just by buying it, then what’s the point in improving your skills to earn it?

As well as this, it takes away the longevity of the game. If players can buy all the unlockables straight away instead of playing through each race track, then the playtime decreases because there’s no reward to completing each track.

Plus, this is a remaster of a 20+ year old game; a game that was created before microtransactions were even a thought. And, now, it’s a victim of the ugly future of video gaming. The uniqueness of this remaster is that you have to earn in-game coins by completing races to get unlockables. As well as this, the game features split-screen multiplayer; aspects that just don’t exist in modern games.

The foreshadowing of the games shop and its gateway to microtransactions was completely missed by me; I thought it was too good to true. But the fact of the matter is that Activision clearly wanted to see how well Crash Bandicoot: Nitro-Fuelled would do before introducing microtransactions. And I am disgusted by this.

Activision, I beg you: you can change this, and not implement this at all. Leave Crash Bandicoot: Nitro-Fuelled alone. It is a fantastic remaster and it should not fall victim to the ugly and greedy side of the video gaming industry.



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