The end of the summer is among us, leaving the U.S. Box Office in a state of boredom as this historically low-grossing weekend promises another dull affair. Not even the Labor Day 4-day weekend will give incoming Blumhouse horror ‘Don’t Let Go’ a much-needed boost, even if it boasts a cast including David Oyelowo and Bryan Tyree Henry. The same can be said for war drama ‘Bennett’s War’, leaving ‘Angel Has Fallen’ to pick up the pieces as cinemagoers prepare for ‘It: Chapter Two’s arrival in 7 days time.


So, what’s opening this weekend?

Not much. Two films open wide in ‘Don’t Let Go’ and ‘Bennett’s War’, although the chances of any reaching the top ten are nullified by their releases in only ~1,000 cinemas each.

Don’t Let Go’, the supernatural thriller from Jacob Aaron Estes (writer of 2017 horror ‘Rings’) sees Jack (Oyelowo) deal with the mysterious aftermath of his family’s murder, and the chance to change the past to stop it from happening. It’s an interesting premise that’s further strengthened by a cast consisting of Storm Reid, Bryan Tyree Henry, Alfred Molina, and Mykelti Williamson.

The positive signs falter with a glance to the film’s mediocre critical reception; its 52% on the Tomatometer isn’t anything to boast about. Neither is its release in under 1,000 cinemas, hinting that producers over at Blumhouse and OTL knew they had a flop on their hands, even though the budget stands at a modest $5m. A $2m opening even seems optimistic, but still beats out ‘Bennett’s War’, the inspirational war drama from Forrest Films.

The film follows soldier Marshall Bennett (played by Michael Raork), who, after being medically discharged from the army with a range of broken bones, goes home to fight for his family farm. Like last weekend’s ‘Overcomer’, it’s the sort of the film that’ll be lapped up by the southern regions of the American populace, if the marketing and promotion is effective. We don’t see it doing gangbusters though, with a $1.8m start in store.


What else is on?

That leaves Lionsgate’s ‘Angel Has Fallen’ to comfortably reign atop the charts, the 1st film of the studio’s to stay at number 1 for consecutive weekends since ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ exactly 2 years ago. The film looks to earn $18m in its 2nd weekend, and should hit $22m over the 4-day holiday period to draw close to the $50m mark by Monday night.

It’s a gross that points to Lionsgate as one of the most consistent hitmakers in the action genre. Whether its ‘Hitman’s Bodyguard’, which earned close to $200m worldwide 2 years back, $600m-grossing ‘John Wick’ franchise, or even the consistently strong ‘Fallen’ series, Lionsgate have seemingly found their groove again, grossing close to $500m domestically (nearly double the amount earned in the entirety of 2018). I’m not saying our 2018 Box Office review did the trick, but…


Rank Last Week’s Rank Film STUDIO Budget JUMPCUT’s prediction Weekend drop (3-DAY) Week no.
1 1 Angel Has Fallen Lionsgate $40m $18.2m (3-day)

$22.3m (4-day)

-14.9% 2
2 2 Good Boys Universal $20m $10.5m (3)

$13.3m (4)

-9.8% 3
3 5 The Lion King Disney $250m+ $6.9m (3)

$8.9m (4)

-14.4% 7
4 3 Overcomer Affirm/Sony $5m $6.8m (3)

$8.3m (4)

-16.5% 2
5 4 Hobbs & Shaw Universal $200m $6.4m (3)

$8m (4)

-20.7% 5
6 6 Ready or Not Fox-Disney $6m $6.3m (3)

$7.8m (4)

-21.4% 2
7 7 The Angry Birds Movie 2 Sony $65m $5.5m (3)

$6.8m (4)

-13.8% 3
8 8 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Lionsgate $25m $4.8m (3)

$5.8m (4)

-18.2% 4
9 9 Dora and the Lost City of Gold Paramount $49m $4.4m (3)

$5.6m (4)

-17.5% 4
10 10 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Sony $90m $4.3m (3)

$5.5m (4)

-14.1% 6