Angel Has Fallen joins a decorated list of action thrillers that throw the protagonist to the wall and watch as they fight for answers against all odds. The framed protagonist will always have the audience on their side and we’re often just along for the ride to find out who the real villain is, through seemingly impassable trials and tribulations.

Following the heroic exploits of Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen you would think saving the President, twice, would count for something when you get caught up in another assassination attempt but Mike Banning’s own government aren’t buying into his innocence. What ensues is a manhunt like no other when the nation’s biggest hero becomes public enemy number one.

You can see Gerard Butler enact his explosive revenge all in the name of justice in Angel Has Fallen this weekend and here’s the trailer:


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Mark Wahlberg stars in this political thriller when he is framed for the assassination of the President. Coaxed out of hiding to prevent the intercepted assassination attempt he walks right into their trap and soon finds himself caught up in a government conspiracy that wants to see him dead. Armed to the teeth with military training he won’t go down without a fight and seeks his revenge.

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Enemy of the State

Will Smith stars in this high-octane manhunt after he is unwittingly brought into a government conspiracy and is left fighting for answers and his life. It’s a relentlessly entertaining watch that utilises the theme of the ‘big brother’ state to great effect as Smith attempts to get answers from those that exist off-grid. Banning employs similar tactics in Angel Has Fallen to similarly explosive results.

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The Bourne Supremacy

Jason Bourne’s (Matt Damon) first battle in The Bourne Identity was about self-discovery after he wakes up in the middle of the ocean with amnesia. His past has caught up to him in The Bourne Supremacy when he unknowingly becomes the prime suspect of an international manhunt. As a result, he is forced to take the fight for answers to the doorstep of the people that created him and bring it to its knees once and for all.

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The Fugitive

Two lead performances from Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones helped lift this manhunt movie to iconic status with a gripping plot and a memorable script that kept audiences up at night with a terrifying home invasion sequence. We’re treated to a battle of wits that would rival Banning’s brawn as Kimble cleverly navigates his escape, outmanoeuvres his pursuers and sets about clearing his name after he is wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife.

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North by Northwest

Perhaps the pinnacle of ‘you’ve been framed’ movies, Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest keeps you guessing from beginning to end as Cary Grant’s (as Roger Thornhill, AKA George Kaplan) suspicions grow unceasingly more paranoid by the minute. A case of mistaken identity forces Thornhill to find answers for himself on a cross country journey of subterfuge, romance and double-crossing that paved the way for the modern thrillers.

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Angel Has Fallen is in cinemas now


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