Oscar-qualifying producer Chase Michael Pallante and studio executive of RNF, an American
independent Award-winning entertainment production company, announced today of their
short film DEFARIOUS airing on network television and streaming globally now qualifying
for the 2020 National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences, AKA The Emmy’s.

This comes as an exciting year for both the executive and filmmaker for his recent family drama film
Maturing Youth has qualified for the 2020 Academy Awards after his film was licensed to distributor
FourWalled who screened the film for one week in Los Angeles, California. Now, Pallante’s first
production, which he serves as the director, writer, producer and editor, is airing for an entire
month twice a night just in time to get ready for the Fall season to qualify for his submission to the

The Emmy-qualifying film is a short horror movie about sleep paralysis and this one woman’s terrifying
ordeal. DEFARIOUS has won several best film and director awards amongst best acting nominations
for both the lead star Janet Miranda and co-star villain Jason Torres.


Courtesy of RNF


“With the recent recognition of our films and the opportunities that become available with those signature achievements, our studio is truly demonstrating its dynamic momentum. RNF is constantly striving to develop innovative ways to both market and distribute our productions. I could not be more proud of everyone involved,” said Pallante.

The film also has a successful future ahead from RNF’s recent partnership and licensing deal with
distributor Evil Empire with global television and streaming service HODTV premiering on September 1, 2019.

DEFARIOUS airs twice a night every day for the remainder of August on Verizon Fios, Spectrum, and
Optimum. For worldwide audiences, there is an exclusive free streaming link during selected showtimes. For channels and showtimes please visit www.DEFARIOUS.com


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Courtesy of RNF

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