The postcard romances get soppy and occasionally completely estranged from the capital they’re set in with Berlin, I Love You, which has a whole host of stars joining you on this tour ride that has more lows than it does highs.

Telling 11 short stories of the heart that occasionally intertwine with one another begs for an eclectic collection of tales spun from all sorts of material to keep the film’s pulse pumping, which it manages fairly well initially. To start things up, Jim Sturgess plays a heartbroken singleton who finds guidance behind the wheel of a new sentient sat-nav-wielding car that feels like Spike Jonze’s Knight Ride-Her.

Then there’s the eventual arrival of a wonderful on-screen mother-daughter combo in the form of Kiera Knightley and HRH Helen Mirren. If this was a tour bus ride, here’s the landmark you’d want to keep heading back to, but instead the poor mapping means we’re led down strange avenues that quickly make you reconsider why you got your camera out.

With lengthy and frankly dull few stops with Luke Wilson, uninteresting cab rides with Game of Thrones stars Sibel Kekilli and Iwan Rheon, and a venture into a bar with Mickey Rourke that comes close to spoiling the trip altogether, Berlin, I Love You quickly transforms into Berlin, Let’s Stay Friends.

Thankfully, besides the expected quality from the talent that does deliver, there are some additions that work with what they’ve got. An almost unrecognisable Diego Luna makes for a welcoming addition in his short ‘Sunday Morning’ and there’s also a sweet little music number simply titled ‘Berlin Dance’. Flitting in and out of all these love stories is a core story – ‘Transitions’ – held together by Rafaelle Cohen as an Israeli singer who ruffles the feathers of a public expressionist dressed as an angel (Robert Stradlober). Their story alone encapsulates everything wrong with Berlin, I Love You; the two have undeniable potential that shines separately on their own, but due to the lack of chemistry with each other it becomes a struggle to stay interested, proving that love never runs smooth, after all. 


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