We know what you’re thinking. Yes, you are indeed seeing red following the reveal of the brand new (and rather slickly titled) Sith Trooper that’s set to march into battle (and probably miss a bunch of times) in the upcoming finale of the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. 

The first look at this new galactic threat from far, far away comes just in time before they’ll no doubt be taking to the floor of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Over at StarWars.com, the site has announced that Comic-Con will be host to a special Star Wars exhibit that will highlight not only the history of the stormtrooper design but also the future.


As you’ll have already clocked, this new trooper has switched the ‘Storm’ for ‘Sith’ suggesting that Kylo Ren (having given Lord Snoke the chop in The Last Jedi) will be fully embracing the Dark Side and making sure his loyal subjects follow, ahem, suit. A quick inspection shows that it appears to be a merging of every variation of trooper we’ve seen in the past, from the Clone Troopers of old’s mouth area and the crimson paint job of the Imperial Guards that were last seen getting sliced and diced when Kylo and Rey teamed up before going their separate ways.

“It has some really unique aesthetics to it,” says Madlyn Burkert, the Lucasfilm archivist (gimme that job), who is co-producing the Star Wars exhibit at Comic-Con. She confirmed that “it has some subtle ties to previous stormtrooper designs, which I think fans will enjoy discovering.”

Told you.

Zip on over to the site here, where you can see all manner of fancy Star Wars goodies that will be highlighting the new Sith Trooper design. Want them on a Tiki mug? Sure. Want a baseball cap with their helmet on? That’s there too. Want a new mobile phone cover to show off to your mates? No? Well, I do. Gizzit!

Oh, and how could we forget? J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker arrives in cinemas December 20.