It’s crazy to think that it’s been 27 years since Tony Todd scared the living crap out of us as that mirror inhabiting nightmare figure, the Candyman. Now we’re going to revisit the horror courtesy of producer of sweaty palms on a massive scale Jordan Peele and up and coming director Nia Costa, who’ll be working together on a ‘spiritual’ sequel to the beloved (but let’s face it, feared) franchise in August.

Bloody Disgusting caught the news from the Chicago Tribune who confirmed someone must’ve said the name five times for a dare and scheduled that wasp-chewing, hook-handed terror to turn up next month in Chicago. The choice of location also confirms that we’ll be revisiting where the horror began which we’re in no way scared about. Honest.

The one factor that everyone is trying to figure out, of course, is if Tony Todd will appear in this long overdue follow-up to the franchise that blew up his career. Chilling audiences to the bone as the titular terror in both Candyman and Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh, immediate thoughts are that he’ll be down for a cameo with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II taking the iconic role, instead.

Word is that the new film will see the Aquaman star as a tortured artist who gains an obsession for the local legend to the point of being consumed by it. Uh-oh. Expect him to end up scaring his potential co-star, Teyona Parris in the process as his on-screen girlfriend.

Hopes are that Peele and Costa will be able to tap into the horror of the original when the film hits screens June 12, 2020.