There’s no denying that (whether you liked them or not), Warner Bros’ effort to get the DC universe going got off to a ropey start. Thankfully, the likes of Aquaman and Shazam! have proven that they’re finally getting it right, which hasn’t been overlooked by the most electrifying man in sports entertainment,  as well. For some time now, long before Shazam! was even in production, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been keen to get into the role of Black Adam, the DC antihero and counter piece to Billy Batson’s Big Red Cheese, and it seems we may finally have a confirmed time slot as to when this will all happen.

Collider recently sat down with Hiram Garcia, the president of Seven Bucks Productions (Johnson’s own company) who gave details on just how busy Mr The Rock is and when we can expect him to get fitted for that black and yellow outfit (and potentially) pointy Vulcan-like ears. He’s a busy man of course; with both Hobbs & Shaw hitting screens with all the ferocity of monster truck running on testosterone, Jumanji: The Next Level loading up in December, and then getting to work shortly on Red Notice with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds (read about that here). Should the planets and Johnson’s schedule align Black Adam could arrive soon after.

Speaking to the site, Garcia said that “the success of Shazam! was awesome for us and it was important for us to launch that, get that out into the world and begin crafting this universe.” Crafty. Real crafty. “It’s a big thing for us to create this universe, this DC section of the universe, with characters we have planned to bring into it, headlined by Shazam and Black Adam. [Director] Jaume Collet-Serra, he just closed his deal, which we’re very excited about, and the plan is to begin filming that end of next year.”

Collet-Serra is a name that Johnson will already be familiar with, having just finished working on Disney’s Jungle Cruise along with Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall. As is the trend for Johnson and his Seven Bucks crew, you can always expect to see a director get lined up for more than one production should they tick the necessary boxes. What’s interesting is Black Adam will be a solo vehicle for the character, establishing his rise and fall from the heroic role that eventually was passed to Billy Batson. Should all things go according to plan, it’ll then lead to the showdown between Johnson’s rough around the edges former hero and Zachary Levi’s alter-ego as well. We can only pray to Solomon, Hercules, Ares and all the other gods that this actually becomes a reality because who doesn’t want to see Levi punch The Rock in the face and get away with it.

Speaking of Shazam!, you can see what Sam Comrie’s verdict was here. Also, be sure to keep an eye out on the Hobbs & Shaw verdict later this week.