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Behind the scenes here at JumpCut we have spent the past few months discussing our journey so far and our goals for the future. The site has grown so much since its creation in 2015, in terms of both our team and our readership, and we wanted to continue our growth by trying something new and a little out of our comfort zone, and that my friends is why we’re launching our very own podcast – JumpCast!

Whilst we won’t be releasing our first episode until 16th September, we wanted to build our audience early and get some podcast related feedback from potential listeners so we get off on the right foot. We’ve opened up a brand spanking new Twitter account – @JumpCast_ – where we will be conducting some polls and questions that we’d love for you to answer ahead of our first episode.

Our podcast will be a fortnightly release and will consist of rotating main hosts, co-hosts, and guests. Having rotating hosts allows us to offer the opportunity to our team to host the podcast if they so wish, whilst also keeping things fresh for our listeners. We’ll also be looking to invite friends of JumpCut to be a guest on our podcast to come and chat with out team. If this is something you’d wish to be a part of in the future, please do let us know!

We’re incredibly excited to finally launch this and we can’t wait to share episode one with you in September, where Nick, Sarah, Dave, and Jakob will be reviewing IT Chapter Two and discussing our journey so far.

To celebrate the launch of JumpCast we have an awesome Stranger Things POP! competition launching today, and you can find all the details right here on how to enter. We’ll have lots of giveaways and competition coming in the near future so listen out in our podcasts for them!