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Ridley Scott Directing The Last Duel For Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

Though there’s plenty of excitement already for seeing Matt Damon and Ben Affleck back together in the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, news has also trickled out from Deadline that the two will be pairing up for a period piece of revenge called The Last Duel – and Ridley Scott is close to cutting a deal to direct.

The film is based on the book of the rather lengthy title ‘The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medival France’ written by Eric Jager. Set in 1836, a Norman knight returns home to the harrowing news that his old friend has been accused of raping his wife, and the French court deem a trial by combat as an acceptable response to the accusation.

It’s an interesting tale for Scott to take on considering that it was a duel that sparked his career, and led to some of the greatest films of our time. Scott’s directorial debut The Duellists saw Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine face off against one another as two adversaries, also in the 1800’s, who partook in numerous duels that spanned decades. Interestingly, the film  was released in 1977, the same year that some crazy indie flick, Star Wars, hit screens and pushed Scott’s need to head out into space himself with Alien. Crazy, right?

The Last Duel will act as a flashback of sorts for Damon and Affleck as well, seeing as they wrote the script for the film together alongside Nicole Holofcener. It’ll mark the first time the two have sat over a keyboard together since their career-breaking effort Good Will Hunting 22 years ago.

As great as it all is getting to work just like all times, The Last Duel could hit a snag already with regards to the film finding a home. 20th Century Fox was planning on hosting the project before it was consumed by our mouse-eared overlords Disney, so there’s a chance that it might fall through the development cracks along with so many other films we’ll never get to see. Hopefully though, given the names involved someone snatches it up and throws down gauntlet for this to go ahead.

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