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Independent Production Company RNF Qualifies Latest Award-Winning Film For Oscars

The team for the Award-winning film Maturing Youth is giving all thumbs up at the Long Island International Film Expo for their latest achievement.

RNF, an American Independent Production Company (aka Rhythm&Flow Entertainment) has just been qualified to submit to the Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, known as the Academy Awards or simply and profoundly as the prestigious and what most consider the highest honor in the film industry ‘The Oscars’ for their Award-winning short drama film Maturing Youth. The team at RNF has received their letter from the theater and distributor that is pertinent for the submission process.


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The film had a limited theatrical engagement for one week in Los Angeles county through Fourwalled distributor. “One of the main goals for a producer is to set the film up for success and I [have] always had big plans for this film.” from the studio executive from RNF Chase Michael Pallante who is also the film’s producer. “You have to be strategic always keeping your eyes on the prize.” 

Well this surely looks like it’s going according to plan with the films recent success of winning Best Indie Film and Best Actor (for Sean A. Kaufman) at the Olympus Film Festival last month in Hollywood, earning a whopping seven awards at the Southern Shorts Awards, and screened at the Long Island International Film Expo in New York.

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[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADkt4ugLbTY” ]


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