Maverick has barely had any air time and a heard of Cats have stretched out to lounge across the interwebs in all their CGI, tail-swinging and pitch-purrfect (only time, honest) singing glory for the new trailer. We were all wondering what it was going to look when Tom Hooper adapted Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical and now we can see. It turns out it looks absolutely mental. Fur real.

Originally brought to life in 1981, the story of Cats is set in a junkyard littered with an array of feline characters that cross paths and occasionally hiss at one another.

Boasting a cast that feels like it was drawn from a raffle, Cats stars Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, Laurie Davidson, Mette Towley, Judi Dench. You can see everyone of them in there somewhere in between what are disproportionate cat-people, but will Hooper’s efforts be enough to send this classic musical to the big screen?

Pass pre-judgement yourself (and leave a comment below) after checking out the trailer here before the film arrives December 20, 2019.