Towering, moving marble statue John Cena is always up for a laugh, and now he looks like his next funny film could bring the house down in Playing with Fire, which has just released a brand new trailer that has ‘one for all the family’ stamped all over it.

Cena plays tough-nut firefighter Jake Carson (Cena) who after rescuing three kids is forced to play guardian while the search for their family gets underway. What unfolds looks to be burning from the same embers of films like Suburban Commando and Uncle Buck, as Carson’s coal-like heart warms to his new recruits.

Joining him in on the fun is Keegan-Michael Key (The Lion King), John Leguizamo (John Wick) as his team of firefighters and Deadpools Brianna Hildebrand as the oldest of the child trio. Check out the trailer below.

Cena is always a safe bet with any film he turns up in so this might be one looking out for. Expect us to break glass when we get a release date soon.