With Tony Stark resting and Steve living out a life we’ll probably never see, the future of the MCU is still unknown at this point (well besides The Eternals having some involvement). What we know for sure is that there’s set to be a new Captain aboard the good ship MCU and his name is Sam Wilson. It might be some time before he himself accepts the title though, as he’ll be appearing alongside Sebastian Stan’s Winter Solider in the Disney+ show Falcon and the Winter Soldier which has just gained John Wick scribe and creator, Derek Kolstad.

The news comes from The Wrap that Kolstad has been called into work on the ongoing adventures of this buddy cop pairing in the making and how they’ll deal with a world without Steve, and a new Captain America. Kolstad penned all three of Keanu’s gun-tastic endeavours of late, which would suggest he knows how to set up a fight. Chances are both Sam and Bucky are going to be in plenty.

This will be the first of the upcoming streaming services major pushes in shifting big screen Marvel characters to the small alongside the Tom Hiddleston-starring Loki show and WandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Scarlett Witch and Vision, respectively.

It’s been confirmed though that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will only span six episodes when it arrives, so don’t expect a lengthy stint, as Sam will have to pick up the shield he was given, eventually, probably after August 2020 when the show arrives. For now, though, fingers crossed both Falcon and the Winter Soldier will make an appearance at Comic-Con along with all the other Marvel-related goodness.