It seems there are more Stephen King adaptations going on recently than you can shake a stick at. Great news, if you’re a fan of the author, although hard to keep track for anyone that doesn’t know their Christine’s from their Captain Trips. Take The Stand, for example; the epic story that was going to be a trilogy of films that is now set to be a CBS series has been in the pipeline for ages. Now uneducated folk can refer to it as, ‘the one with Marilyn Manson in’, as he’s confirmed he’s making an appearance.

Speaking to Revolver recently (via. Birth.Movies.Death), Manson confirmed that he’d be ‘acting in’ the new series, as well as doing a new cover of The Doors’ ‘The End’, for the show. Manson didn’t confirm which character he’ll be playing in The Stand, but any appearance he’ll be making will undoubtedly be a welcome one.

The Stand is one of King’s most epic tales that sees the world sent into chaos after a virus known as Captain Trips kills half the population. Those that remain are left to fend for themselves or seek refuge depending on their nature; some find shelter under the kindhearted soul of Mother Abigail (which Whoopi Goldberg is in talks to play). Those that seek to harm and send the world further into darkness are led by King favourite bad guy, Randall Flagg, who has yet to be cast. The 10 episode series is being handled by Josh Boone, director of The Fault in Our Stars and The New Mutants film we may never see.

James Marsden is in final talks to take the lead of Stu Redman, one of the first survivors immune to the virus, and eventually leads Abigail’s community before going up against Flagg. Greg Kinnear is also having a chat about the role of Glen Bateman, a professor and ally to Stu. There’s also Odessa Young as Frannie Goldsmith who plays a pregnant woman and Stu’s love interest, and Henry Zaga (also of The New Mutants) as a deaf-mute, Nick Andros.

So far one of the only names set to be batting for Flagg’s side is Amber Heard as Nadine Cross, a school teacher who sets her sights on being by Flagg’s side. Expect more to be signing up for the forces of evil sometime soon, though as more from The Stand continues to trickle in.

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