Now that the first post-Endgame chapter is over with, audiences are still left wondering just what direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading in after Spider-Man: Far From Home ended (spoilers) with a familiar face returning and a few others changing shape. Though details of just how that will affect things outside of Spidey’s corner of New York City are slim, director Jon Watts isn’t allowing it to change his plans, which may involve another villain that has yet to arrive on the big screen; Kraven the Hunter.

Speaking to Uproxx lately, Watts put it straight out there that he wants one of Spidey’s most lethal adversaries checked off the list next. Watts made it crystal clear, saying, Oh, I would love KravenIt’s just the trick of how do you do Kraven in a movie?

The way Watts is spinning Spidey’s web so far, it may not appear to be that difficult, particularly given the amount of material to work with. Appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #13, Sergei Kravinoff was a big-game hunter who set off to the Big Apple to take on the webhead, deeming the wall-crawler as the most dangerous game on Earth.  Not one for firearms, Kraven instead uses a magical elixir that heightens his senses and strength, as well as pumping the breaks on his ageing (don’t be surprised if they somehow manage to link it to T’Challa’s unique herb, regardless of it all being burned in Black Panther

As exciting as this may all be though, chances are that Spider-Man’s encounter with Kraven could hit a Sony-shaped snag, given that they’re already lining up a solo film for the villain, along with Jared Leto’s Morbius: The Living Vampire and another sequel to the hugely successful and immensely polarising Venom.

So far it seems that Watts has Kraven in his sights but not in his schedule as of yet. However, expect more details regarding the goings-on in the MCU when Marvel arrives at Comic-Con Hall H in August.