The p-word that is enough to send shivers down the spine of any film fan may not have the same reaction with the news that director Michael Mann has a Heat novel set to arrive on shelves next year and it might be a prequel. Turning back the clock on one of the greatest thrillers ever made with the help of award-winning writer Reed Farrel Coleman, the story will reunite us with Al Pacino’s Vincent Hanna, De Niro’s head heist man Neil McCauley, and Val Kilmer’s Chris Shihirles (whopping pony tail to be confirmed).

Talk of a Heat novel originally started simmering three years ago when Mann announced he was lining up to release a series of Michael Mann books and talk of a Heat prequel being on top of the to-do pile.

Since then the trail went a bit cold up until now, when the Mann himself tweeted out an update of his third venture into that criminal underworld (Mann’s original effort to bring Hanna into the world was his TV pilot for L.A. Takedown), which Slash Film got a bead on.

Now while you can bet adding that podcast to your queue would be a smart thing to do this weekend (that’s if you’re busy not swinging off Far From Home, or going away for the Midsommar), the chin-scratching question to ask about this apparent novel is just how things will play out? The 1995 film saw Vincent and Neil crossing paths for the first and (spoilers) final time, so the prequel would suggest they have done before, they were just blissfully unaware.

It’s an interesting route to take and one that fans of Mann’s classic crime film will no doubt jump on. A novel following on from a film? Madness. They’ll be turning books into movies next!