It was always going to be a comfortable win for ‘Toy Story 4’ this Box Office weekend, but the franchise-finale wasn’t the main talking point this time around. Conjurverse release ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ brought in a series-low 3-day opening of $20.3m after its Wednesday release, while Danny Boyle’s musical-comedy ‘Yesterday’ exceeded expectations with a $17m start. There was even room for expansion too, with ‘Endgame’s pursuit of the highest grossing film title aided by its $6.1m weekend to the fight against ‘Avatar’ right down to the wire.


How did the new releases get on?

Annabelle Comes Home’s welcome party was a little muted, with the film earning just $20.3m between Friday and Sunday (and $31.1m from its opening Wednesday). It’s a start that pales in comparison with ‘Annabelle: Creation’ ($37.1m 3-day) and ‘Annabelle’ ($35m 3-day), and stands as the lowest opening in the entire cinematic universe (spinoff La Llorona’ aside).

What was the deal then? Perhaps last weekend’s ‘Child Play’ had fed the horror cravings of cinemagoers, or maybe it was the fact that audiences just didn’t like it – its B- on Cinemascore suggests so – but either way, Warner Bros will’ve expected more, but with its $27m budget, there’ll be no major worries.

It’s even easier to see why once you check its international numbers. ‘Annabelle 3’ frightened viewers everywhere, earning $45m from 63 countries, with Mexico leading the way with $6.9m. That marks a $76m global opening for the film, further adding to a Conjurverse that’s already the biggest horror franchise in cinematic history.

Next is ‘Yesterday’, the Beatles-themed musical rom-com from the mind of Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis. The film, starring Himesh Patel, Lily James, Ed Sheeran, and Kate McKinnon, earned $17m by Sunday night, smashing the $12m pre-forecast expectations. Although it’s no ‘Rocketman’ (and don’t even mention ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’), ‘Yesterday’ benefits from the lowest budget of the 3 with just $26m, and its A- on Cinemascore will surely see the film progress down the long and winding road this summer.

Finally, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ made a semi-triumphant return to the top 10 this weekend, as its expansion, which brought along additional scenes and a ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ preview, brought in just $6.1m from 2,025 cinemas. Now just $26m behind ‘Avatar’s worldwide gross, the race for 1st place is becoming too close to call.


How did the others do?

Toy Story 4’ brought in $59.7m in its sophomore weekend, enough for a running domestic total of $238.7m – enough to sit as Pixar’s 12th biggest hit in U.S. history. By next week, it’ll be closing in on $300m, with only 5 films ever grossing more. On a global scale, the film sits just short of $500m at the time of writing, so by the time of reading, Disney and Pixar will be swimming in over half a billion in grosses. Just another day at the office then.

It wasn’t such a successful weekend for ‘Child’s Play’, whose 69% drop barely saw it reach the $20m domestic mark. Its $4.4m weekend was only enough for 8th place, meaning a $30-$35m finish is now guaranteed.