This Box Office weekend didn’t quite hit the lofty heights of our forecasts, but it was still a storming opening for Disney and Pixar, as ‘Toy Story 4’, the latest and last in the ground-breaking series, opened to a franchise-record $120.9m. UAR’s horror ‘Child’s Play’ had a solid start too, with $14m off just a $10m budget, while Luc Besson’s action-thriller ‘Anna’ couldn’t even break into top ten, bombing with just $3.5m.


How did the new releases get on?

You’d be forgiven to think that ‘Toy Story 4’s $120.9m opening was a little underwhelming. The pre-release ‘buzz’ saw numbers closer to ‘Incredibles 2’s $182.7m fly around – we here even forecasted $175m, with the potential for more. Yet, by Sunday night, those numbers were officially squatted away, as Woody and co finally came home with ‘just’ $120m.

Yet, the disappointment’s only fleeting. It’s the 4th highest opening for any animated film ever (behind ‘Incredibles 2’, ‘Finding Dory’, and ‘Shrek the Third’). It’s the biggest in the ‘Toy Story’ franchise (ahead of ‘Toy Story 3’s $110.3m) – a franchise that’s grossed an excess of $2bn worldwide. It’s even the 3rd largest opening of the year so far, behind only fellow Disney heavyweights ‘Endgame’ and ‘Captain Marvel’. Add to this its A rating on Cinemascore, and we’re looking at a potentially leggy run that should see the film earn $400m domestically.

A lingering question that remains is the release date. While both ‘Incredibles 2’ and ‘Finding Dory’ opened on Father’s Day weekend (just 7 days ago this year), why didn’t Disney continue such a lucrative trend with ‘Toy Story’? Surely the presence of ‘Men in Black International’, and ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’s 2nd weekend wasn’t a key factor, although possibly cannibalising ‘Aladdin’s Box Office run was. Regardless, Disney’s decision may have shaved off a few dollars from the domestic opening, signalling that the viral ‘sequel-itis’ of the past few weekends hasn’t quite gone away.

Internationally, the film brought in a whopping $120m from just 37 territories, including Mexico’s $23.4m – a record for an animated film. The film also delivered a massive $15m in the U.K., and $13.4m from China. Ultimately, the film saw a global start of $240m, again eclipsing ‘Toy Story 3’s $145m worldwide opening, and ‘Incredibles 2’s $235.8m opening for the global opening record for an animated feature. As silver linings come, that’s a strong one.

Next was horror reboot/remake ‘Child’s Play’, based off of the 1988 classic that introduced the world to killer toy ‘Chucky’. This time, Chucky’s back, and with just a $10m budget, its $14.1m opening marks a strong start – the strongest UAR release of the year so far.

The good news stops there however, as its dreadful C+ on Cinemacore doesn’t bode well for the film’s future performance. Box Office runs like other horrors with similar scores (think ‘Truth or Dare’, ‘Ouija’ and ‘Unfriended’) would see the film end on a domestic total around $35m – not the best return, but far from the worst.

Finally, this weekend saw the release of ‘Anna’. The R-rated action flick from Lionsgate bombed with just £3.6m to scrape 9th place, ahead of an equally dreadful ‘Dark Phoenix’.


How did the others do?

Just when it couldn’t get worse for ‘Men in Black International’ after its abysmal opening last weekend, then its 64% drop in its sophomore outing surely beats it. The film grossed just $10.8m this time around for a $52.7m running total. By this rate, the film will barely reach $70m domestically for Sony, who must be thanking their lucky stars that they have ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ in 2 weeks to salvage the studio’s summer.