Supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network, Film Feels: Obsession season is touring the UK in June and July and Africa 3.0 shows how obsession in represented in African cinema.

The focus of the season’s programme are vanity, joy, and infatuation – three subsections that will offer audiences a new perspective on obsession by showcasing experimental short films from across the African continent and beyond.

1.0 Vanity explores the influences of social media and our infatuation with image in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Films include the new experimental music video from influential music artist BALOJI in Zombies (BALOJI, DRC 2018), which interrogates the almost carnal relationship we have with our phones; Hello, Rain (C.J. Obasi, Nigeria 2018) a Nigerian Sci-Fi film tells the stories of a witch who combines juju and technology to create wigs that give supernatural powers to her and her friends; We Need Many Prayers: This One Went to Market (Jim Chuchu, Kenya 2018) mocks the image of Afrofuturism; and this country is lonely (Jaco Bouwer, South Africa 2019) from artist Jazzard Jaslyn creates an endurance performance piece staged through instagram stories, looking at the flattening effect social media has on our understanding of complex humanitarian crises.

2.0 Joy focuses on the global movement of Afrobeats and how this has brought joy and connections to music movements in Cuba and the US, through screenings of Birth of Afrobeat (Opiyo Okeyo, US 2019) and Bakosó: Afrobeats de Cuba (Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, US 2019)

3.0 Infatuation brings classic and contemporary films to the big screen. These include the legendary Egyptian director, Youssef Chahine’s masterpiece, Cairo Station (Bab el hadid) (Egypt 1958).  A 1958 drama through which obsession turns into madness as Qinawi a newspaper vendor working in the Cairo train station, becomes infatuated with Hannuma an engaged beverage seller. Foreign Body (Corps Étranger) (Raja Amari’s, Tunisia 2016) follows Samia as she arrives in France illegally, and finds refuge with Imed, an acquaintance from her village, and then in a middle-class Parisian household, with Christine, the woman she starts to work for. A blend of infatuation, desire and fear forms between the three protagonists in this spicy, sordid and sincere melodrama.

Africa 3.0 is travelling across the UK including screenings in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Inverness, Cardiff, Leeds, Grange-over-Sands and our hometown, Sheffield

Showroom Cinema will be screening the 1958 Egyptian classic Cairo Station (Bab el hadid) (Youssef Chahine Egypt 1958) and Bakosò: AfroBeats of Cuba followed by a live Afrobeat performance from Sheffield based Afrobeats artist K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) and you can book your tickets right here.


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