Commencing day three of E3 2019 was the French squadron from Ubisoft, who delivered a battle-ready conference to follow apocalyptic behemoth Bethesda from the previous day. #ubie3 saved some surprises up their sleeve despite major leaks filtering through social media early last week and delivered a solid show packed with Watchdogs, Tom Clancy, more Tom Clancy and two celebrity guest spots.

Ubisoft introduced their slot in style at the Orpheum Stadium in Los Angeles with the Assassin’s Creed symphony playing an arrangement of Jesper Kyd and Lorne Balfe to announce their worldwide tour starting June 29th in Paris, celebrating a decade of music and a fitting way to keep the assassins alive in the room.

Our first unveiling came from Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell creative director Clint Hocking, who previewed the rebellious Watch Dogs Legion, where you can recruit and play as any civilian amidst the downfall of London to become part of the resistance against government surveillance. Releasing March 6th 2020, the third game in the franchise looks suave and sophisticated on neon British soil, promoting the freedom to play any of the fully voiced and animated characters. Hoping on a murder spree with 80-year-old pigeon feeder Helen should be a hoot.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenney revealed his new mockumentary series for Apple TV+ titled Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet, that follows the egotistical director of MQ (the world’s most successful MMORPG) Ian Grimm (McElhenney) through the challenges of tackling their first major expansion. Created by the executive producers of IASIP partnered with Ubi, Mythic Quest could temporarily fill the void that The Office left.

Cruising on to the first cutesy game to haul you over the big guns intermission. Cartoon Network’s Adventuretime is joining ranks with platform fighter game Brawlhalla, where you can play as Jake, Finn and Princess Bubblegum in a new buddy game mode, to fill your Saturday morning cartoon craving.



A new ready to play season of Rainbow Six Siege – entering the screen accompanied by the glory of Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer music – Operation Phantom Sight kickstarted the Tom Clancy section, promptly followed by The Punisher himself Jon Bernthal and his canine Bam Bam to present Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Bernthal plays rogue Ghost Cole. D Walker, the leader of the Wolves and your gameplaying enemy in Auroa. Creative developer Laura Cordney went on to announce the return of AI teammates for solo players and a new community program called Ghost Recon Delta Company that will let players discuss, share and converse with the studio. A smart move for Ubisoft to expand the Ghost family by encouraging interaction with other players. Breakthrough will be released on October 4th with new content, free updates and a shock reveal that teased the addition of The Terminator ?! Whose side will he be on? I reckon Frank Castle could still take him.

A new mobile game, Tom Clancy’ s Elite Squad, was announced as well as the new Rainbow Six – 3 player tactical co-op – Quarantine, that gives Six an air of Prey or Black Ops about its alien parasite plot.

Rounding off the Tom Clancy takeover, Red Storm Entertainment’s Terry Spier dropped a free play for all between June 13th and 16th for The Division 2 and three majestic new episodes, where you’ll be able to lead your convoy beyond Washington DC. Kenly College and the National Zoo look graphically impressive and enticing to explore. Spier concluded with the exciting announcement that David Leith’s The Division movie – starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal – that will be released on Netflix. Could anyone better lead the live action mission?

Just Dance celebrated ten years with a stomach-turning dance number covered with unicorn rainbow puke, promoting Just Dance 2020 for release in November. Continuing the fluff streak, Roller Champions debuted as a skill based team PvP sports game, available as an E3 demo to play until June 14th on Uplay and For Honor presented the limited time in-game event, Shadows of the Hitokiri, which was a highlight of the conference with its fluid illustrations and female Samurai driven storyline that’s available to play until June 27th.



Ubisoft concluded with the reveal of their new subscription service Uplay+, that will feature over 100 games including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Far Cry New Dawn, early access to games including premium additions and added content that will become available on Stadia in 2020. It seems next year will be the rise of the streaming platforms. Co-founder Yves Guillemot and senior producer of the new Gods and Monsters, exchanged a cringeworthy hug as they revealed the fresh action game from the AC: Odyssey team with an ethereal score but rather vanilla premise for a February release.

A packed conference complete with awkward presentations, slick celebrities and one hell of a future line-up for Tom Clancy fans to lodge their bullets into, as Ubisoft uncovered the true scale for the franchises expansion. Watch Dogs Legions, Ghost Recon Breakthrough and For Honor’s Shadows of the Hitokiri reigned as the top one’s to watch, proving that Ubisoft remains one of the gaming industry’s MVP’s.