Maturing Youth‘s success just keeps on coming as it picked up a whopping SEVEN Awards-of-Merit at the recent Southern Shorts Awards.

Sean A. Kaufman picked the AoM for ‘Individual Achievement in Acting’, the film’s director Divoni Simon received two AoMs for ‘Individual Achievement in Directing’ and ‘Screenwriting’, Alex Ellsworth received ‘Individual Achievement in Music’, the film’s cinematographer Zach Mayor also received an AoM for his work, and Chase Michael Pallante, the founder and CEO of RNF Entertainment, also received an Award-of-Merit for his editing work on the film,

Congratulation again to the cast and crew of Maturing Youth on the short’s success! 



In case you missed it, we recently interviewed Joshua St. Leger, who stars in this film, as he talks to us about what it was like being on a film set, and who he’d love to act alongside in the future.

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