This Box Office weekend saw ‘Avengers: Endgame’ break the $2bn mark globally in record time, largely helped by its $147.4m domestic gross from Friday to Sunday, the 2nd biggest sophomore weekend ever. Following far behind was ‘The Intruder’, the surprise victor of the 4 new wide entrants, which grossed a strong $10.9m ahead of ‘Long Shot’, ‘Uglydolls’, and ‘El Chicano’.


How did the new releases get on?

In a mixed weekend for the new releases, it was Sony’s ‘The Intruder’ that stole 2nd place with $10.9m. Produced on just a $8m budget, the film stars Dennis Quaid as Charlie, who desperately tries to get his house back from new occupants Scott (Michael Ealy) and Annie (Meagan Good).

It continues what’s been a strong year for Sony so far, after ‘Escape Room’ provided another low-budget hit back in January. ‘The Intruder’ was introduced this weekend as the perfect counter-programming to ‘Endgame’; a darker, more adult thriller that which catered to the older (68% were over 25), female (53%) crowd.

This wasn’t the case for ‘Long Shot’, however, as the Lionsgate property pulled up short with just $9.7m. Unlike the studio’s 2018 comedy ‘Overboard’, which opened to $14.7m during ‘Infinity War’s 2nd weekend, ‘Long Shot’ cost a mind-blowing $40m (compared to ‘Overboard’s $12m). ‘Overboard’ being produced by Lionsgate’s Pantelion Films division, which caters solely to Latino audiences, helped too.

What this results in is yet another flop for Lionsgate in a period of mixed results, after ‘Cold Pursuit’ and ‘Hellboy’ followed the successes of ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ and ‘Five Feet Apart’. ‘Long Shot’, starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen as the U.S. Secretary of State and her speechwriter who slowly fall for each other, will hope to have a Box Office run more befitting of a successful romance, rather than a tragedy.

Next up is ‘Uglydolls’, STX’s 1st foray into animation, which bombed on release with just $8.6m grossed between Friday and Sunday. Based on the range of stuffed toys of the same name, ‘Uglydolls’ and its A-list cast (including Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monae, Nick Jonas, and Jane Lynch) didn’t make for pretty viewing on the weekend when considering its $45m+ production budget. Finally, this weekend saw ‘El Chicano’ open into only 605 cinemas, grossing $700k for 11th place.


How did the others do?

So it wasn’t quite the 2nd weekend record for ‘Endgame’, but the 22nd film in the MCU will be more concerned with the fact that it now stands as the 2nd biggest film ever made, with a running global total of $2.19bn.

Although it sunk Titanic worldwide, it’s still a bit behind domestically, languishing in 8th place with $621.3m, just ahead of ‘The Last Jedi’ ($620.2m) and behind the 1st Avengers’ movie ($623.4m). By next Sunday, ‘Endgame’ will be behind only ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Avatar’ in this respect. Whether it’ll finish above ‘The Force Awakens$936.7m domestic total is another story itself, but at the same point in their respective runs, ‘Endgame’ currently sits $80m ahead of ‘TFA’, whose Christmas holiday release granted it a much leggier run. The end result is definitely one to watch out for.

Internationally, ‘Endgame’ continued its incredible run by banking $282m for an overseas total of $1.57bn. It’s headed by a record $575m from China, as well as $90m from the U.K, and stands behind only ‘Avatar’ ($2.03bn) as the film with the biggest international gross.