We saw Box Office history this weekend, with ‘Avengers: Endgame’ delivering an unbelievable $357.1m domestic opening weekend – $100m more than MCU predecessor ‘Infinity War’s $257.8m from last year. The stateside triumph was emulated overseas, with a hulking $866.5m 5-day total leaving the film as the 18th biggest of all time by Sunday night, with $1.22bn.


How did the new releases get on?

Endgame’, directed by the Russo Brothers and finale to the 11-year ‘Infinity Saga’ storyline of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, opened to U.S. audiences on Friday to a best-ever $157.5m, including $60m from Thursday previews, beating ‘The Force Awakens’ previous high of $57m.

From there, its journey to the Box Office hall of fame was quick, racking up records such as the biggest opening weekend, the biggest wide cinema average ($76.6k), the biggest Saturday and Sunday grosses, and the fastest film to reach $100m, $200m, $300m, and $350m.

Its domestic success makes it the 9th biggest in the MCU after just 3 days, and by next weekend it’ll sit behind only ‘The Avengers’, ‘Infinity War’, and ‘Black Panther’ in the race to become the franchise’s highest U.S. earner. Unlike most highly-anticipated series-enders, we’re expecting strong legs from this one, stemming from its unprecedented A+ on Cinemascore.

For the ultimate record of the biggest domestic gross ever, ‘Endgame’s audience, made mainly up of men (57%) over 25 (61%), would need a 2.7x domestic multiplier from here – just a small improvement upon ‘Infinity War’s 2.6x.

Internationally, the story was more of the same, with the film earning close to $900m in its 1st 5 days – another record (beating ‘The Fate of the Furious’) to bring its global gross to over $1.2bn. These numbers can’t be understated; ‘Endgame’ now stands as the 17th biggest film globally of all time (ahead of ‘Iron Man 3’ and behind ‘The Fate of the Furious’) , and it hasn’t even reached a week into its release schedule.

Their top international markets include China ($330.5m) the U.K. ($53.8m), and Korea ($47.4m), and broke opening records in 44 of the countries it opened in. It brings the MCU’s entire franchise earnings to $20bn, over $10bn greater than nearest competitor ‘Star Wars’, ranking both ‘Endgame’ and the MCU in the upper echelons of Box Office greatness. Could we see ‘Endgame’ finally reach the levels of ‘Avatar’ ($2.8bn), or even reach the $3bn mark?


How did the others do?

It was easy to miss the rest of the weekend’s action, considering ‘Endgame’ made up close to 90% of it. Still, in the biggest domestic weekend of all time, more shocks were had, in the form of ‘Captain Marvel’ providing us with a stunning $8.3m in its 8th weekend – a drop of just 9%. The film’s domestic total stands at $413.8m, ahead of ‘The Hunger Games’ ($408m) and dangerously close to its follow-up ‘Catching Fire’ ($424.7m).

Last weekend’s winner ‘The Curse of La Llorona’, the newest entry into ‘The Conjuring’ franchise, predictably dropped like a stone to earn $8m, for a $42m running domestic total. Made on a budget of just $9m, it stands at a healthy $87.3m worldwide, a good win for Warner Bros in the face of ‘Endgame’, and Disney domination, as 5 of the 10 releases this weekend were distributed by the Mouse.

It’s the Burbank’s studio’s world, and we’re just living it.