We’re in the Endgame, now.

It’s records galore for ‘Avengers: Endgame’, as the sequel to last year’s global phenomenon ‘Infinity War’ opens into 4,662 cinemas – no other film has ever managed to break into as many cinemas ever. This won’t be the record the film has its eyes on however, as ‘Infinity War’s domestic opening of $257.7m is almost a certainty to be broken. Whether or not ‘Endgame’ can hit the $300m mark by Sunday night remains to be seen, but from where we’re standing, there’s no reason it can’t.


So, what’s opening this weekend?

Just the 1 release this Box Office weekend sees ‘Endgame’, the final chapter of the MCU’s 3rd phase of films, look to become the biggest domestic opener in U.S. history. The culmination of 11 years of build-up results in the direct follow-up to last year’s ‘Infinity War’, and sees the remaining Avengers attempt to reverse the doings of Thanos.

While the success of their mission onscreen remains to be seen, its success at the Box Office is virtually guaranteed, with the film likely to draw close to a $300m opening weekend – by far the biggest in domestic Box Office history. To be precise, we’re looking at an opening of $290m, nearly $40m more than that of ‘Infinity War’, and almost $50m greater than ‘The Force Awakens’.

Proof? Well, U.S.-based ticket-seller Fandango has officially reported ‘Endgame’ to be their biggest pre-seller of all time, beating ‘The Force Awakens’ record from 2015. Considering the hype behind ‘The Force Awakens’ – 1st film in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise in 10 years – it’s almost unthinkable to imagine the heights ‘Endgame’ could well reach.

It isn’t just in the States that ‘Endgame’ shines. A Wednesday opening in China of $107.5m is a single day record in the country, while it also broke new ground in other territories such as Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. It’s even making waves in European countries such as Germany and Italy, who are usually colder on these sorts of films.

So, just what other records will ‘Endgame’ look to break? In short, nearly all of them. Not only will it have the biggest 3-day opening in U.S. history, but it’ll surely take ‘Infinity War’s crown for the global opening weekend too, as well as ‘The Fate of the Furious’ overseas opening weekend record. By Sunday night, ‘Endgame’ could very well be sitting on $1bn. Superhero fatigue, anyone?


What else is on?

All else seems pretty insignificant in the face of ‘Endgame’s Box Office domination, but the show must go on, and last weekend’s winner ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ will be the pick of the bunch with $9m. The latest horror in the Conjurverse, will see a heavy drop as audiences flock to the blockbuster release.

It also doesn’t help that horror is one of the most front-loaded genres, and ‘Endgame’s audience fit the 4 main quadrants like a glove (or gauntlet). Still, ‘La Llorona’ will’ve earned over $40m domestically by Sunday night, which, from a $9m budget, is no small feat at all.