If we were to put a positive spin on this Easter weekend being the lowest-grossing for 15 years, we’d probably look to showcase ‘The Curse of La Llorona’s terrifying opening of $26.3m shattering all pre-release forecasts. The latest in the Conjurverse group of films beat out the Christian biopic ‘Breakthrough’, whose $11.3m gross landed it in 3rd place. This is where the positivity ends however, as newbie pair ‘Penguins’ and ‘Teen Spirit’ failed to resurrect a Box Office twiddling its fingers for next week’s ‘Endgame’.


How did the new releases get on?

It was a comfortable win for Warner Bros’ ‘La Llorona’, opening to $26.3m off of a confirmed $9m budget. It marks a continued success for the ‘Conjuring’ franchise and New Line Horror, who seem able to create successful, low-budget horrors in the same vein as Blumhouse.

While the franchise has been hit and miss so far from a critical standpoint, it’s a financial powerhouse. The Conjurverse has now banked a healthy $570m domestically, as well as over $1.6bn worldwide, when taking into account ‘La Llorona’s $30m from 71 overseas countries (including $5.3m from Mexico).

La Llorona’s performance further cements horror as one of the most financially viable genres in film today. This year alone has seen ‘Escape Room’, ‘Glass’, ‘Us’, and ‘Pet Sematary’ all gross close to $400m in the States alone, from a production cost totalling $70m. A similar type of security is found in religious dramas like Fox-Disney’s 1st joint release ‘Breakthrough’, the faith-based film from the 2017 Christian novel ‘The Impossible’.

Based on the true events of a boy who survived being submerged under an icey lake for 15 minutes, ‘Breakthrough’ didn’t break our pre-release forecast of $15m, but still delivered a solid $11.3m from a $14m budget from Friday to Sunday. Its running total (after a Wednesday release) stands at $14.8m – a little behind similar Christian films like ‘Miracles from Heaven’ ($18.4m at the same point in its run).

Finally, the other 2 wide releases of the weekend, Disney’s animal documentary ‘Penguins’, and Bleecker Street’s musical drama ‘Teen Spirit’, failed to reach their expected heights, posting just $2.3m and $242k respectively.


How did the others do?

Little’ continued to impress this Box Office weekend by earning $8.3m – a 46% drop. Its domestic total stands just short of $30m, a respectable total for a middling family comedy that was only released into 2,700 cinemas. ‘Hellboy’, on the other hand, barely held onto a place in the top 10, dropping nearly 70% to post a weekend total of $4m. ‘Endgame’s emergence on Friday will likely see this struggle to even hit $25m – a major disappointment for Lionsgate.