Whichever way you look at it, Avengers: Endgame – which drops this Thursday, people!! – is a milestone for cinema. And what better way to celebrate a milestone than to look back at the journey that brought us there. That’s what we’ve been doing here at Jumpcut for our Infinity Saga recap, bringing together all our writers to talk about their favourite films from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe so far, a display of love and fondness towards a franchise like no other. From Iron Men to Black Panthers, the MCU has it all. What better way to wrap up our Infinity Saga than to put all our thoughts together and determine, once and for all, what Jumpcut’s favourite Marvel movie is?

But, before we start, let’s go over the logistics. All our lovely writers were asked to submit their own personal ranking of the Marvel films, which were then collected by yours truly and documented in an, I must say thrilling, spreadsheet. Every film in first place gained 20 points, every film in second scored 19, and so on down until the film in last place scores a measly zero. Each film then wound up with an average score by which we have ranked them below – the max possible being of course 20, should all our writers happen to have the same favourite MCU film, and the lowest possible being zero, should we all hate the same film and collectively put it in last place.

So, without further ado, and all accompanied by a quote from our Infinity Saga reviews published over the last month to prove that there is love out there for even the lesser regarded offerings from the franchise, here is Jumpcut’s official ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



  1. The Incredible Hulk [1.8]

“But in general, does it hold up? Yeah, I’d say so. Sure, it doesn’t have the depth of some of the later movies in the series, or even the first Iron Man, but The Incredible Hulk is still a highly enjoyable entry within the MCU, and I will happily come back to watch it at least once a year.”Markus Almerud


  1. Thor: The Dark World [3.7]

“The Dark World is funny, lots of stuff happens, it features a really interesting contrast of locations and has great characters saying some great lines. I’ve also never understood why Malekith (Christopher Eccleston and his perfect villain nose) is viewed by most as the worst MCU villain.”Fiona Underhill


  1. Iron Man 2 [4.9]

“Iron Man 2 has always been an excellent example of pre-crossover stories in the MCU, that truly focuses on what makes a hero emotionally volatile and susceptible to the consequences around them. It mostly delivers on the checklist that a comic book movie should sport, whilst also playing more as a character piece than anything else.”Sam Comrie


  1. ­Ant-Man and the Wasp [5.8]

“The stand-out moments are the shrinking and enlarging of Ant-Man and Wasp. Split second transformations in the middle of breakneck fights are seamless and fluid, with the environment and characters reacting accordingly. Nothing feels jarred or loose. It’s tight, imaginative, entertaining and exciting. And when Ant-Man loses control of his suit’s regulator, there’s just more good fun to be had.”Chris Gelderd


  1. Iron Man 3 [6.2]

“It is a lot darker in tone compared to the previous Iron Man films, but it is also a lot funnier thanks to a script from Shane Black and Drew Pearce. The action sequences are impressive, with the standout being the attack on Tony’s home – and yes, I will cry over a couple of robots because they’re Tony’s family too. The final showdown is a spectacle and it’s wonderful that in amongst the fights and explosions, the characters and their relationships are never forgotten.” Elena Morgan



  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 [6.6]

“It tells the most complete standalone story in the MCU, with probably the most emotionally resonant throughline in this saga. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 is a movie about the family you’re given being put at odds with the family you choose. While it might be relatively minor in the grand scheme of the MCU, it is the most major in heart of any film in The Infinity Saga.”Jeff Zoldy


  1. Doctor Strange [7.1]

“While Doctor Strange has room for improvement in developing its characters full potentials, it’s still confident and reassuring that Derrickson has a handle on the mystic arts – despite his forte being horror – that will surely progress in the highly anticipated (on my part) sequel. Strange may be nothing more than dust right now, but I bet he’s cooking up a bargaining chip for Thanos as we speak…”Jo Craig


  1. Thor [8.2]

“Thor was Marvel’s first real venture into fantasy, and I do think that it is a success, the world building is fabulous, and Asgard is truly a magnificent sight to behold. The tone is set immediately, I knew nothing about Norse Mythology when I first watched this film, but The Fellowship of the Ring-like prologue makes you feel right at home.”Siobhan Eardley


  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron [8.3]

“I love the first Avengers film, but for me, Age of Ultron is even more interesting, entertaining and exciting. I really like the introduction of the twins – firstly as enemies, then allies. The characters of both Vision and Ultron are two of the best in the MCU. The internal conflicts that arise in Ultron will have far-reaching consequences, through Civil War and beyond.” – Fiona Underhill



  1. Ant-Man [10.2]

“Ant-Man marked the end of the second phase of the MCU in emphatic fashion. With humour and exhilarating action aplenty, Reed’s epilogue to the chaotic Avengers: Age of Ultron brings the tone down to more grounded and enjoyable territory.”Corey Hughes


  1. Captain Marvel [11.0]

“Captain Marvel the character and Captain Marvel the film have been framed as feminist and empowering in the run-up to its release, while it could’ve delved deeper in both of those messages, one thing’s for certain; Carol Danvers is a stubborn, brave and self-assured woman who is also sometimes vulnerable and makes mistakes but owns up to them. She’s not perfect but she is confident in her abilities and is not afraid to embrace her emotions, no matter what some people may say they are a weakness. And that is a character I’m happy to see on screen.” Elena Morgan


  1. Captain America: The First Avenger [12.3]

“Love and courage are the most present themes in The First Avenger yet Johnston manages to ruminate on friendship along the way too. Rogers and his ragtag bunch of do-gooders are a bonafide joy to watch as they chew the scenery together. Notwithstanding, the definite highlight is that of the relationship between Steve and Bucky. Although their screen time is limited in comparison to their later escapades, MCU writing duo Markus and McFeely still employ this warm aura over their bond.”Sam Comrie


  1. Iron Man [12.6]

“Iron Man was a fantastic first outing for the character and was a brilliant foundation for the rest of the MCU. With a charismatic lead, witty dialogue and the right blend of action and fun, Iron Man is pretty much the perfect superhero-origin story.”Elena Morgan



  1. Guardians of the Galaxy [13.3]

“It is testament to the world building of the MCU that you are totally locked in by this point that they can throw all the weirdness at us and the audience will just embrace it for exactly what it is. For its characters, its comedy, its wonderful soundtrack, and for all of its wonderful weirdness, Guardians of the Galaxy charmed and delighted the fans of this franchise and gave us some new heroes to (g)root for.”Sarah Buddery


  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming [13.4]

“Spider-Man: Homecoming is relatively self-contained, even though it does take place in the Marvel universe. The storytelling and character development are just as impressive as the special effects and the action set pieces. I can say that I am fully optimistic about the sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home which will be released in July this year.”Bianca Garner


  1. Captain America: Civil War [13.5]

“It’s fun, exciting, dangerous, emotional and giddy. It’s an assault on the senses and worth the price of a ticket alone for fans of comic book movies who have wanted to see their heroes explode from page to the big screen knocking the crap out of each other in a warm up for Thanos.”Chris Gelderd





  1. The Avengers [14.6]

“The Avengers was a statement. Marvel was on the map with its previous efforts, but it would’ve been all for naught if this one didn’t work. Thankfully, all the risks Marvel Studios took with this one paid off and then some. For me, it’s one of the top 5 films in the entire franchise, and it has been there consistently since it came out. This was the film that truly convinced me that the MCU will be a success.”Rhys Bowen Jones




  1. Thor: Ragnarok [15.2]

“Waititi is essentially stripping the superhero format down to its core elements, reversing them, and then presenting them back to us. It’s perhaps shown best in the film’s final plot beat, where Waititi puts his entire perspective into action to wrap up his story. Where every superhero film wants to save the world, Ragnarok decides the best way to do that is to just blow the whole thing up. After all, who needs to see another world saved anyway? There’s plenty elsewhere we can turn to for that.” Ryan Morris




  1. Black Panther [15.3]

“Black Panther is not only a fantastic film, it’s also an important film within the MCU and the superhero genre as a whole. As agenre that is dominated by white male leads, it’s refreshing to see a film with a mostly African/American cast, and strongly written female characters. Basically what I’m saying is – Wakanda Forever! – Megan Williams




  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier [15.5]

“This film is full to the brim with stellar Marvel action, and it’s all crammed into a well-written, Cold War, spy thriller. The fact this film isn’t discussed more as one of the best action films of the decade is beyond me. At the time, I thought it was the best film in the MCU. 12 films later, that hasn’t changed.”Rhys Bowen Jones




  1. Avengers: Infinity War [15.8]

“Infinity War is a gargantuan experience; a conglomeration of a decade’s worth of superhero stories and a fitting hello to the baddie to beat all baddies. It’s a film that allows your heart to soar as you ingest the soul-powering action, your belly to feel the pangs of laughter and your heart to be sucked dry. Some people have moved on from the gut-punching finale, but not us. Doctor Strange was right; we are absolutely in the Endgame now.”Cameron Frew