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Towards the back end of last year, the JUMPCUT team began discussing ways we could raise money for charity. Admittedly, we were a little ambitious with our initial ideas, but then we found a way that all of us could do something to raise money, no matter where we were in the world… Movie Marathons!

Some of our team will be enduring 24 whole hours of various movies, some with specific themes to their fundraising. For example, resident Jaws fangirl Sarah Buddery will be spending 24 hours doing a ‘Shit Shark Movie Marathon’ with her partner Martin. JUMPCUT founders Jakob and Nick are repenting their cinema sins with a ‘Hit or Shit‘ marathon, watching films they’ve never seen before that are deemed both amazing and woeful by the film community. Chris Gelderd will be taking things one step further and will be enduring a month of Ryan Gosling films (if you know Chris you’ll know how much this will pain him) all in the name of charity.

Each member of the team participating has selected a charity of their choice, and you can find out more about the charity they have chosen by visiting their Just Giving page, which they have all set up under the JUMPCUT team page. Some are even offering donation incentives, such as allowing you to decide their movie fate… just imagine the power!

The team will also be sharing their links on their social profiles in the run-up to their movie marathons, so any likes and shares are greatly appreciated.


Doation Links:

Tom’s Star Wars-athon

Sarah & Martin’s Shit Shark Movie Marathon

Zoe’s Horror Movie Marathon

Audrey’s Journey Through Film-athon

Rhys’ Movie Marathon

Fiona’s Movie Marathon

Elena’s Reel Women Marathon

Jakob & Nick’s Hit or Shit Movie Marathon

Chris’ Gosling Movie Month

Lucy’s Survival Movie Marathon

Megan’s Nostalgic Journey Through Pokemon

Jess’ Chucky For Charity Marathon


On the day of their marathons, the team will be tweeting their progress, some may even share videos or stream themselves. All links and updates will be available on JUMPCUT’s official Twitter page.

To raise further funds for our charities, we’re putting the LAST FIFTY of our limited edition pin badges on sale -and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!


(Postage only available to UK residents)

We have also uploaded our special charity logo to RedBubble and Zazzle so we can offer badges and stickers for anyone who would like to support us. Click the images below to be taken to the store page.

(Worldwide postage available)


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