Last night I was invited to attend the opening of Cineworld Sheffield’s newest experience – Screen X! This new experience allows films to go beyond their frame with innovative 270° projection, an experience only exclusively available in select Cineworld cinemas in the UK.

Sheffield marks the 12th Screen X for the chain, and they kicked off the in style by treating the audience to a screening of DC’s Shazam! which has scenes specially filmed for the Screen X experience.



I’ll admit, I was sceptical before heading into the screening that Screen X would feel gimmicky and not really add much to the cinema experience, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience and how well it was utilised during the film.

Before the film began there were two specially filmed Screen X trailers that showed off just what the screens are capable of. Both were incredibly well shot and there were audible gasps and whisperings amongst the audience and it was clear that everyone’s excitement just skyrocketed.

The side projections aren’t on throughout the whole film but are used during select scenes to expand the audience’s vision and it does an incredible job of immersing you into the action. Shazam! utilises the 270° projection in its opening scenes – I won’t dive into film spoilers here, but I will say it kicked off the experience in a brilliant way and continued to do so throughout.  The power testing scenes in particular added something new and different to the film that you won’t see watching it any other way. It really brings the scenes to life like a comic book and was easily the highlight of the whole experience for me.

We were told before the film began that there are two big films coming later this year that have scenes specially formatted for Screen x – Detective Pikachu and Godzilla II: King of the Monsters – both of which I think will be absolutely incredible to witness in this new experience. My mind instantly thought of how it is likely to be used during the gigantic fight scenes during Godzilla II and how epic it would be to witness it all go down in 270°.

I highly recommend checking it out if you’re heading to the cinema this weekend. It really does offer an experience you can’t get anywhere else right now, and Shazam! is a great family film to launch the experience with!

Screen X is just £3 if you’re an unlimited card holder or £13.10 for an adult ticket. You can book your tickets to experience Shazam! right here.

Thank you again to Cineworld Sheffield for inviting me to attend the evening. It certainly won’t be the last time you’ll find me in that screen.