As we get to the tail-end of the 2nd biggest March in U.S. Box Office history this weekend, Jordan Peele’s latest horror ‘Us’ looks to exceed all expectations and kick ‘Captain Marvel’ off the top of the charts. The Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck production itself looks to hit the $900m mark worldwide by Sunday night, however, becoming only the 6th MCU film to do so and setting up yet another intriguing Box Office weekend.


So, what’s opening this weekend?

Just the sole wide release in ‘Us’, the latest horror from the mind of Jordan Peele (‘Get Out’) and the wallets of Blumhouse and Universal. Unlike the genre-crossing ‘Get Out’, ‘Us’ is to be an all-out horror according to Peele, which can only help its upcoming performance in the Box Office.

Not that it’ll need much help; the film’s been on most ‘must-see’ lists ever since it was announced back in February 2018. Its 97% on Rotten Tomatoes almost mirrors ‘Get Out’s 99%, with star Lupita Nyong’o said to be the film’s standout performer. It also sees Winston Duke (‘Black Panther’), as Gabe, husband of Lupita’s Adelaide, alongside Elisabeth Moss (‘Mad Men’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’) and Tim Heidecker as family friends Kitty and Josh. With Gabe and Adelaide’s kids, the 4 embark on a holiday, only to be confronted by their doppelgängers.

At a cost of around $20m, it stands as one of Blumhouse’s more pricey productions, especially after ‘Get Out’ cost just $4.5m before going on to earn a whopping $255.4m worldwide. This only adds more pressure on the studio, who’ve had a mixed year so far after the success of ‘Glass’ ($246.1m worldwide) and the disappointment of ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ (which earned half of its predecessor).

Still, with Fandango reporting that pre-sales for ‘Us’ are outpacing both ‘Get Out’s and last year’s ‘A Quiet Place’, we’re assured that Peele and co are onto a moneymaker. ‘Get Out’ opened to a strong $33.4m last year before legging it to a $176m domestic finish, while ‘A Quiet Place’ earned $50.2m in its 1st Friday to Monday. For ‘Us’ to improve upon these totals will be something special, but with no major competition this weekend, glowing reviews, fans clamouring for more Peele, and Fandango pre-sales rivalling that of ‘Halloween’ ($76.2m opening), we could be seeing history made here.

We’re being cautiously optimistic with our $65m opening, which will make ‘Us’ the 12th biggest ever opening for a purely original film. Coupled with a heightened international gross (now the more likely as Peele becomes a household name), and ‘Us’ could potentially become one of the biggest Box Office shocks of the year.


What else is on?

With ‘Us’ grabbing the headlines, it gives ‘Captain Marvel’ a little time away from the spotlight it’s held for the last couple of weekends. Not that this will dim its light however, as the film’s forecasted for a $37m weekend, pushing its domestic total to over $320m by Sunday night.

In just 3 weekends, the film will have out-grossed the likes of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ both domestically and globally, ending the weekend with around $900m banked to stand as the 7th biggest MCU film ever. Catching up with ‘Civil War’ in 6th with $1.15bn may be a stretch, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from the film itself, it’s to not rule out the power of Carol Danvers.


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