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Red Carpet Interview With Award-Winning Producer And Founder/CEO Of R&F Entertainment, Chase Michael Pallante, From The 9x Award-Nominated Film ‘Maturing Youth’

Video courtesy of R&F Entertainment

Chase Michael Pallante is a mutli-faceted entertainment industry leader as a producer in the film industry tackling many skills and talents such as an Award-Winning director and sound designer, an Award-Nominated editor, writer, 3D animator, and much more for feature and short films, music videos, commercials, and print and digital media marketing/promotions consultant and creator. Furthermore, the young entrepreneur works in the music industry as owner of R&F Records, a record label under its parent company R&F Entertainment, recording and managing artists and performers, and as a executive dealing with synchronization licensing for company’s own film department, R&F Films. Additionally, he is a photographer and graphic designer for commercial and business projects.

Written and directed by the Award-Nominated director Divoni Simon, Maturing Youth is about an under-achieving, unemployed man named Roger, played by the Mutli-Award-Nomianted actor Sean A. Kaufman, who enjoys his freedom of non-responsibility through his vices certainly from strangers Mae, played by the Award-Winning Actress Darleen Rae Fontaine, and Maggie, played by supporting actress, Rae’l Ba. However, his life is thrown into a whirlwind when his ex-girlfriend Sadie, played by the Multi-Award-Nominated actress Kim Paris, interrupts his life with a surprise: their illegitimate toddler son Junior, played by both Joshua St. Leger and Albee Castro respectably. After she disappears, Junior falls ill and Roger calls Doctor Riccard, played by the Award-Nominated actor Terrence Keene, to come to his aid. Life, then, gives him the ultimatum to begrudgingly face fatherhood or to continue living a life void of responsibility.

Being afforded a life of independent means it can be a blessing in some regard, perhaps, but it can also be the definitive test of one’s character and certainly for the co-dependency on life itself with the excuse of entitlement for Roger. If one chooses to use such a situation toward altruistic ends, or at the very least, a venture that can provide some personal fulfillment, it says something about who a man is. On the other hand, if he squanders the opportunity on a totally self-absorbed, shallow existence, there’s not much to conceal about a man’s self-worth and dignity let alone the future for his abandoned son. And the decisions on taking the latter path may provide some interesting moments, its cosmetically created, external bubble that serves no other purpose than covering up an empty life, and sooner or later, the bubble is bound to burst. This short film questions the responsibilities of our actions, the sorrow in our happiness, the joy in our pain and the ultimate test of character of becoming what we truly are deep down inside.

The World Premiere Red Carpet Event was held on October 21, 2018, in New York City. Maturing Youth was nominated for Best Film for R&F Entertainment, Divoni Simon was nominated for Best Director, Sean A. Kaufman was nominated for Best Actor, Kim Paris was nominated for Best Actress, Terrence Keene was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, and Darleen Rae Fontaine was nominated and won Best Supporting Actress. A total of 6 nominations and 1 win for this dramatic films opening night!

R&F Entertainment hosted the event with the exclusive sit down interviews with the stars and crew members discussing the film, their career, and their dreams and inspirations. Following the award ceremony at the film festival, the stars had individual standing interviews on the red carpet with TV host and interviewer, Award-nominated actress, producer, director, author, and entrepreneur Janet Miranda.

The event had over 120 attendees from family, friends, crew members, and the general public. Individuals attending the event flew in as far as Florida and the west coast. The theatre was filled to capacity and tickets were sold out. The screening opened with a round of applause once the films production company’s logo [R&F Entertainment] appeared right at the start. Once the ending credits came up the second round of applause roared through the screening room. The audience laughed and enjoyed the special bloopers during the end credits and finally had a standing ovation at its completion. Following the first world screening of the film, the cast and director were on stage during an exclusive Q&A with the audience.

The film is currently going through the New York film festival circuits before making its Los Angeles premiere this Spring. The film will premiering internationally in 2020 with a projected distribution deal to release the film to the public by the holidays in 2020.

You can kee up to date with R&F Entertainment on Facebook and Instagram – and you can keep up with Maturing Youth on its official Facebook and Instagram pages, or on its website!

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