The hopes of making it big and reaching for the stars is only left to the few; the dreamers, the ambitious workhorses, and the ones who are resilient no matter what obstacle or opposition tackles their path. From nothing to something, Chase Michael Pallante, born and raised in New Jersey, went to school, founded, and runs his own Multi-Award-winning entertainment production company, R&F Entertainment in New York City. “You have to persevere and stay resilient because the entertainment industry is cut-throat and an extremely small world”, expressed from the producer, “and those that are destined for greatness and live their sole life in dedication to their craft and purpose rise above all and prevail.” This could be true for this rising producer, strong-willed entrepreneur, and goal-oriented achiever. He is steadily climbing the ladder in the entertainment industry in both the film and music industry tackling many skills and talents such as an Multi-Award-Winning producer, director and sound designer, an Award-Nominated editor, writer, 3D animator, and much more for feature and short films, music videos, commercials, and print and digital media marketing/promotions consultant and creator. Furthermore, the aspiring young entrepreneur also works as an executive dealing with synchronization licensing for his company’s own film division, R&F Films, and owner of R&F Records, a record label under its parent company, recording and managing artists and performers. Additionally, he is a photographer and graphic designer for commercial and business projects.


OFFICIAL MOVIE POSTER ‘DEFARIOUS – Courtesy of R&F Entertainment

One of Pallante’s successful projects includes his Multi-Award-winning dark tale of sleep paralysis horror film Defarious that had audiences worldwide captivated by its true sense of old school terror like our childhood nightmares. His latest production, the 9-Time Award-Nominated film Maturing Youth is the complete opposite as he tackles a heartfelt drama mixing ingredients such as humor, fantasy and, quite possibly, another dimension which was nominated for a whopping six awards at the films world premiere opening night. The compelling and idiosyncratic film is gaining attention not only for the films Best Film nomination alongside in competition with Hollywood’s 2-Time Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe winner producer/director/writer/actor Nick Vallelonga but for also the Best Actor, for Sean A. Kaufman who is up against an Oscar nominee, and Best Supporting Actress, for Kim Paris who is nominated alongside a Golden Globe/Emmy nominated/Tony Award-winning performer, categories at the Brightside Film Festival respectively for the films second time in a row.



Chase Michael Pallante accepting his Best Film award for DEFARIOUS at the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest at the Teaneck Cinemas on Sunday, December 8, 2016. Courtesy of R&F Entertainment

Businessman and filmmaker, Pallante feels, “immensely grateful for the film to be an official selection at the festival. The entire cast, crew, and team including myself at R&F Entertainment are beyond ecstatic for the nominations we have received along with all the other phenomenally talented filmmakers and their masterpieces of work.” He continues to thank, “wholeheartedly the Brightside Film Festival, the festival directors CJ Cullen and Chris Capaci, their entire team, and panel of judges for this wonderful opportunity.” One of Pallante’s fellow nominees at the upcoming festival in the category of Best Film is Nick Vallelonga for his 17-Time Award-Winning film Unorganized Crime. The multi-faceted leader is also the Oscar-nominated producer, writer and actor in the 5-Time Academy-Award nominated film Green Book. Both producers are nominated in the Best Film category for their respectable titles along with The Best Way to MurderThe Rocket ShipThe DancerSuper-Woman, and The Saxophonist.


Nick Vallelonga arrives at the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, in Beverly Hills, CA Courtesy of JORDAN STRAUSS/INVISION/AP


Chase Michael Pallante behind the scenes during a production meeting on set. Courtesy of R&F Entertainment

Maturing Youth by R&F Entertainment is about a man named Roger, played by the Two-Time Award-nominated actor Sean A. Kaufman, an under-achieving, unemployed 30-year-old man child who lives a life void of responsibility and chivalry much like the entitlement of this new generation deemed “millennials”. Roger enjoys his freedom of neglecting any obligation except his self-gratifying vices, however, his life is thrown into a whirlwind when his ex-girlfriend, played by the remarkable theatre/film actress Kim Paris, interrupts his life with a surprise he is not at all ready nor willing to accept. The surprise is his alleged son, Junior played by the exceptional child actor Joshua Saint Leger. Not before long, a tempestuous argument erupts between the doomed lovers resulting in a rather quick dysfunctional situation that leaves Roger with the ultimatum to begrudgingly face fatherhood or take the blind eye of denial.



chase and debra full.jpg
Chase Michael Pallante and Debra Marshall Courtesy of R&F Entertainment

The film forces us to watch the difficult characteristics of what certain individuals we would want to stay away from, or rather never want to become. Being afforded a life of independence means it can be a blessing in some regards, perhaps, but it can also be the definitive test of one’s character and certainly for the co-dependency on life itself with the excuse of entitlement for Roger. If one chooses to use such a situation toward altruistic ends, or at the very least a venture that can provide some personal fulfillment, it says something about a person. On the other hand, if he squanders the opportunity on a totally self-absorbed, shallow existence, there’s not much to conceal about a man’s self-worth and dignity let alone the future for his abandoned son. And the decisions on taking the latter path may provide some interesting moments. It’s a cosmetically created, external bubble that serves no other purpose than covering up an empty life, and sooner or later, that bubble is bound to burst. This dramedy questions the responsibilities of our actions, the sorrow in our happiness, the joy in our pain and the ultimate test of character of becoming what we truly are deep down inside.



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Chase Michael Pallante on set discussing with his crew Courtesy of R&F Entertainment

Maturing Youth will be making its New Jersey Premiere at the Brightside Film Festival on Sunday, March 3 at 4:00 pm followed by the award ceremony. The festival will be hosted at the Brightside Tavern in Jersey City, NJ. Live interviews will be broadcasted on R&F Entertainment’s Facebook page and on Instagram. Be sure to subscribe to their pages so you can tune in the night of the event.

The Brightside Film Festival is held on March 2 and 3. The 91st Academy Awards air this Sunday, February 24 on ABC and on Sky in the UK.